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    StarFa11 reacted to mrzoltowski in How LTT turned me into an addict. Thanks Linus.   
    8 months ago, I was content and happy. My trusty Lenovo Razer pre-built PC ... browsing the web, playing some games and doing work.

    Then I came across this little channel on YouTube, called Linus Tech Tips, featuring a complete control freak that breaks things all the time @LinusTech and a mild mannered goofball that is quite easy on the eye @Slick . This is where their entertaining and engaging content started to brain wash me. Soon enough I started hearing voices. Those voices told me ... "Nooo, you don't need new clothes ... buy a new CPU! .... noooo you don't need to fix that leaky bathroom pipe, buy a new graphics card!" ... as the weeks and moths progressed the undeniable charm of the LLT team and those HYPNOTOAD eyes have slowly etched a complete and insatiable hunger into ever fibre of my being.  That hunger was for one thing only, a custom build PC and RGB. 

    For many weeks I questioned my sanity, having binge watched the ENTIRE LTT back catalogue in under 2 months. Did it scratch that itch? Did it satisfy? NO ... I needed more, I needed something stronger.

    So I said to myself, hey ! I'll buy a case .... and move my rusty Lenovo parts into it .... just to see what happens. So I bought a Corsair Carbide 400C White, it had a clear window so you could see your computer parts. What a novel idea! I exclaimed ... in my head. With my brain armed with all the combined knowledge of LTT staff I managed the move.

    A few days have passed, I stared at this clear window, the parts inside, green and dark and ugly ....  my life lost meaning ... colours faded ... sounds muted ... I have become my case .. an empty shell full of potential.

    Something had to be done, images of previous LTT videos flashed inside of my mind, so fresh, so new .... @LinusTech whispering into my ear ..... "build ... build my friend .... be free".

    8 moths and almost £3000 later .... I have a kickass PC. It reflects me, it is an extension of me, my little precious thing. It has my favourite colours, it has my design sensibility. It is a reflection of me. I worked hard for it and on it. I tweak it almost every day, imagine new ways to cable manage, look up new things I can add to it.
    Yet I want more, I want to build something else,something better ...

    When will it end? Maybe never ... but this new passion and fire I have for PC stuff .... the only limit is my imagination ... and wallet

    Let me know in the comments how LTT has affected the way you look at PC hardware ...

    My little baby