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  1. Cool well hey thanks! Really appreciate it and excited to start. Again thanks for the reply means a lot I really didn't realize how much I could get for what I have.
  2. Sweet I'll check some of those out. I'm not to worried about having anything flashy. So after that all that is left is windows 10 right? That's usually right around 50? Can't remember.
  3. No im unfortunatley on a laptop as of right now so I'm kind of high and dry on having any parts.
  4. 1050 usd. And before taxes. Also I do not need anything but the pc itself. I have a keyboard monitor and mouse that will do me just fine for now. As for parts I don't have anything yet.
  5. Cool that's what I kind of figured. I have a 1080p monitor right now and am happy with it. Really just want to hit 60franes on the games I mentioned up top at decent settings at least. Thanks again.
  6. Nope! Should have mentioned that in my post I'll edit it. Thanks.
  7. Hello, so recently had about 1500 saved up and was about to ask for some advice on Parts and start buying but, girlfriends car broke down so we had to take care of that. So now my budget is right at 1050. Should I wait to save up to 1500 again to have some wiggle room for upgrades or is there something decent I can build on in the future for what I have? I mostly play warframe, and pubg and hope to try out destiny2 whenever that comes out. Sorry for the wall of text. Lastly I'm in the U.S. For prices. Thank you guys in advance I really do appreciate it. Edit: I do not need any per
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've seen a lot of cyber power stuff I'll check them out. Thanks again.
  9. Hello, posted a couple times in may am here within a month of purchasing and have found this ABS pre built. ABS Vortex Aries http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=83-102-271 here is what I originally planned on getting its from Asus ASUS ROG STRIX GD30 Gaming https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XDTP5H1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_48LyzbRK7RJ52 So yeah one over the other? I've had more experience with asus. But not so much at all with ABS so anything helps. Thanks guys.
  10. Hello, So i'm stuck between getting a 1080 or a 1070. I'm going for longevity (I know so just get the 1080) but price is always a thing, and i'm only looking for 1080p at 60 frames. Would a 1070 be just fine for that kind of use in modern games for the next few years maybe more? Thanks for any replies really appreciate it. UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the replies! definitely helps and am definitely siding with a 1070. Spend some extra in cooling memory or anything really haha. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks! Just did some more research On AIO's I'm pretty excited about all of it. Really thanks again for the input.
  12. Not worried about the keyboard mouse at all have my own Logitech setup. Thanks for the reply.
  13. That's really kind of what I've noticed! Thoughts on liquid cooling how simple it is to take care of? Thanks for the reply, awesome didn't even see that how how is taking care of liquid cooled pc's?
  14. Hello, first post here on the forums I'm in the market for a pre built rig for gaming and photo editing. I've stumbled across this. Thoughts on Cybertron? I've read a lot of good reviews on amazon etc. just trying to do my research. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NCOUW9Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_LhLczb2XF9NAB