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  1. Can someone help me what pathway should i go if i wanna upgrade my pc? im currently using a core 2 quad q8300 and 4gb ram with gt 630. I wanna play some new games because my friend will give me a gtx 1060. What pathway should I aim for i3 3rd gen or i5 2nd gen? Im limited in my budget
  2. Can you send a link tutorial?
  3. Will lighter fluid work? Someone recommended me
  4. Can someone help whats the best thing to do when a rat peed on your graphics card? My cousin gave me his gtx 750 but no display because of rat urine. What the best thing to do?
  5. I'm asking if what's the best motherboard that supports lga socket 775 with 8gb ddr3 rams
  6. WIll buy motherboard these saturday
  7. Cheap motherboard for lga 775 socket with ddr3 rams?
  8. Push pins are broken and only limited money to coolers
  9. I have a intel quad core q8300 and its stock cooler is broken. If i buy a new stock cooler but same socket will it work?
  10. Hello can anyone reccomend me a good and compatibe gpu for intel q8300 and asus p5kpl-am epu? Thanks for anyone who will reply