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  1. 10600k vs 10850k? Someone above said that the i9 isn't worth the 2x price tag because my only concerns are editing experience/workflow and gaming because something called IPC is the same on all intel 10th gen, (I don't really care about render time) I would like to get the one wjth the best bang for the buck!
  2. I still can't decide. Or should i just go for the 3600? Would that be a significant upgrade from my 1700? That will overall costs cheaper
  3. As I said, the ryzen price is stupid here, msi mag b460m + 10600k is cheaper by 10$ than the 3700x, why does the 3700x cost that much? However 3600 is reasonably priced. 10600k + b460 = 530$ Ryzen 3700x alone = 540$ Ryzen 3600 = 280$
  4. So there are barely any difference in the editing process/workflow, the i9 only wins in render time noticably? So, I should just save the money and go for the i5 10600k?
  5. I did, didn't I? Basically Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop (all CC2021) with Affinity designer
  6. I don't think my board supports it, but I don't know, my board is an old Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3. 3900x is around 200$ more expensive than i9 10850k
  7. So, i5 vs i9 for video editing workflow doesn't really matter? (Not about render time) To answer the second question, because the price of the new 3000 or 5000 series ryzen is bonkers here. The 5600x is 10 more expensive than the i9 10850k. I guess there are many Ryzen enthusiasts in my country so stock is limited.
  8. Hey all, I'm currently running a Ryzen 7 1700 stock with Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 since 2017. I think it's time for an upgrade! I'm a gamer and also work as a video editor and photo editor (If I got an order/commission). I use premiere, after effects, and photoshop mainly, also affinity designer sometimes. I want someone to bust the myth for me right here right now. If I tried searching for "i5 10600k vs i9 10850k video editing" It will just show up a bunch of rendering time benchmarks which I couldn't care less for. I want to know how much different
  9. Nah, definitely at 144hz. the cursor is super smooth, but the game felt like it's below 60 even though it shows 400fps at the top.
  10. My setup: Ryzen 7 1700 16 gb of ram GTX 1060 3gb Main monitor: Samsung CFG73, 144hz 1ms Second monitor: Old Acer monitor, 900p 60hz So yeah, my main monitor is 144hz, connected via display port cable my second monitor is 60hz, connected via VGA-HDMI adapter. For the case I'll use Minecraft because currently it's my group go-to-game. With no shaders, my fps shows around 300-400 fps. But clearly, I notice that it's even below 60 fps. It shows 400fps in the game but when I see it in the monitor, it felt like below 60, around 30-40ish. How do I fix t
  11. I'd prefer safety tbh. So I guess I should go with 1660S I have some question regarding this too, my processor is Ryzen 7 1700, would I be better off with NVENC or my CPU? Currently I'm on 1060 3gb, most of the games pushes out my card to 99%, will that lag out if I decided to use NVENC?
  12. They're the same price, I can get 3 years of warranty if I go with 1660S, no warrranty on the 1070ti. My usage would be for gaming, livestreaming, video editing, photo editing, and 3d modelling with blender
  13. Wow that was fast, I'm sad to say that I don't understand much about OC-ing RAMs and stuffs, if I buy a 2666 mhz stick (It says 2666 mhz on the product name) such as GEIL or VGEN's, will it work right out of the box? So I can just plug it and forget it? RAM speed doesn't really matter for me As I don't game, I just want it to be "issue-free".