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  1. This will be interesting. If they actually stop mining in China it will have a large effect on cryptocurrency. China holds large amounts of crypto currency removing those miners will take large chunks of the transaction network offline. I actually think this would drive transaction fees so high that we might actually see crypto crash hard at least for a little while until new mining setups are created.
  2. They said they won't track you with cookies. That's because now they embed invisible tracking pixels into things like marketing emails or ads to track people with. We are using it at work right now.
  3. Honestly after seeing the benchmark's and prices I'm glad I just went ahead and got the i9 when Newegg had it for $450 as a bundle with a $200 motherboard making the CPU basically $250.
  4. Man it seems like physical computer stores will be a thing of the past. I mean you saw it coming a store that sells technology but has a website from the early 2000s wasn't going to end well.
  5. Well one lawsuit for one company probably had a good chance of going through. This actually presents a weaker argument. Now the companies can simply turn it on the manufacturer of the analog sticks and say since it's a widespread problem it's just how it works essentially. They will then claim their are now in place some made up accuracy percentage targets.
  6. I absolutely hate social media but this is absolutely insane. I hope Facebook keeps up the pressure and the governments have to cave on this stupid idea. Charging for news per link is not a good idea. Do you know what that will do to news companies. Not to mention why does the government think that tech companies should be paying for the privilege to give the news companies clicks and views? That's the most backwards thing.
  7. Not surprising at all if you are into the Audio space you know by now the high end Chinese headphones (called ChiFi) are killing big name brands. They are making better sounding, better quality (I know better quality from china crazy right) and much cheaper Audio products. I would bet they sell to Drop since they do all collaborations with them.
  8. Qualcomm is so full of it. They can take their bull crap opinion and shove it where the sun don't shine. They have had to pay a ton of fines for anti competitive practices. Qualcomm: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/08/throwing-out-ftcs-suit-against-qualcomm-moves-antitrust-law-wrong-direction
  9. If you don't think Sony hasn't patented the side panel design then you haven't been looking at any of their patents. Dbrand lawyer vs Sony lawyer go:
  10. Umm they will get sued as well. Sony has patents on the plates themselves. That was literally the reason the other company got shutdown. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.videogameschronicle.com/news/ps5-faceplate-seller-is-now-cancelling-all-orders-following-legal-action-from-sony/amp/
  11. I'm going to side with Tesla slightly on this one. Why simple because their not wrong about the lifespan. If you look at how many reads and writes are being done for all the sensors, cameras, autopilot, etc. That will absolutely kill an SSD. However their Engineers should know to be writing to the ram first and then write to the ssd on shutdown. Not to mention they should use a much bigger ssd to spread out the write sectors. However their not purposefully making the car self destruct it's just how the system was built.
  12. We need to move chip manufacturing back to the USA if for no other reason than security risk. Having chips developed in other countries especially when it's China is a huge security risk. Another benefit is shipping times inside the US, no tarrifs, and more jobs.
  13. RIP AMD GPU just when they thought they were competitive. No seriously if AMD doesn't do something soon this could be the death blow for their GPU division. DLSS is seriously awesome technology and having major adoption is awesome.