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  1. I feel like a lot of people in this comment section are completely missing the point of the product. This phone isn't meant to be the fastest device available. It doesn't need to be this device is running full on arm Linux OS. At this stage it's tinker and hacker phone. It's also extremely competitively priced compared to say the Libre 5. People buying these fall into 1 of 3 groups. 1. Someone who likes to play and tinker with new technology 2. Developers 3. Extremely security conscious users. Basically no one is daily driving this phone and the people who have these don't expect to for a long
  2. Taking the saying a computer is just expensive adult Legos to a whole new level
  3. No literally just no. Apple will just make it locked down with exclusives. Which makes me really annoyed since Microsoft and Sony are finally moving away from the console wars and moving towards cross play. Heck even Nintendo made apps to put their games on other devices.
  4. So on one hand it's not a good thing to invade people's privacy. However anytime a company or school hands our electronic it should be common knowledge they will be tracking what you do on it. So unfortunately I actually have to side with the school on this one.
  5. I'm probably going to buy one just to have it. Heck I might never unbox it if the reviews are bad so in the future after they flop I'll have a rare Intel GPU.
  6. SATA that won't do no I need molex to run this off my power supply I found on AliExpress that says it can do 2k watts.
  7. A yes "security" that's ironic coming from the company who has massive vulnerabilities, highly exploitable image scanning software, and continually ignores security reports from outside security expert. Then has their PR team hide it and have part of their brand image be about security.
  8. I actually really like the design except I wished they had been able to do a under the screen camera like some companies are doing now.
  9. That's why I bought a framework laptop, a Pinephone (already did a full motherboard swap on it), and a steam deck. I'm a tinker always liked messing with electronics and I hate the trend of everything being locked down.
  10. Lol you people are actually buying it that the performance loss is just from poor testing? This is probably because Intel paid Microsoft a lot of money to ensure their stuff works first. Microsoft and Intel have always had a tighter integration than AMD.
  11. You do know that internet points and follower counts are the new currency right? Totally worth a few leaked military blueprints
  12. Goodness gracious! Also can someone please tell places to stop only allowing sms for multi factor authentication!
  13. I wouldn't be so quick to count Intel out. Their engineers are some of the best in the world and they have a lot a lot of money behind them. Does Intel finally see AMD as competition yes but that doesn't mean they are dead in the water. For the record though I couldn't give a single crap who is the fastest. I just want a chip competition so I can buy fast cheap CPUs.
  14. Yeah my internet never blipped because I run my own resolver
  15. Nooo I was really kinda maybe rooting for the hackers (I think this is a hack not an outage) . It looked like for a while they had even locked the employees out of the building.