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  1. Same thing just happened to me. I would recommend you do what i did. I'm waiting on a 3070 so until then i went on facebook marketplace and found a 100ish$ (gtx1060 is what i got) gpu that can easily run games at 1080p until you can get ur hands on a 3070.
  2. I heard about this is it like a pre order list i can get on now or does it start on the 29th?
  3. I just picked a random one on pcpart and added in 500 cause that's what NVidia said. With that being said thought your probably right i'm gonna spend around 550 for a 3070 i'm aware of that and it's not a problem.
  4. So my old pc died so I'm building a new one. I already have all the part except for the graphics card. Obviously I'm waiting for the 3070 to come out but I'm worried it will get sold out and I wont be able to get one till 2021. I defiantly wanna start gaming by the first week of November. if I don't get a 3070 should I buy a 2060 or 2070 super. I was thinking maybe I get the 2060 and wait for another generation on NVidia gpu's and save some money. Please give me your thoughts. Also i am gaming on 1080p 144hz (Also part of me thinks im spending to much money on gpu for 1080p gaming)
  5. won't there be more 3070's as well?
  6. Budget (including currency): 1200-1300 Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Rust,Csgo,Minecraft,Overwatch (1920x1080) 144hz If i am waiting for a 3070 should i wait for the new Ryzen Processors? Also i dont really know what case to get it just has to have RGB and a glass side Panel PLS LEAVE ADVICE AND SUGGESTIONS!!!!!! PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $204.99 @ Newe
  7. Already have the hue + and i thought wb blacks are faster
  8. price range up to 1400$ (USD) going for a rgb theme suggestions pls https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kmzbzM
  9. I play overwatch, h1z1, battlegrounds, rust, and csgo mainly. I am choosing between the 1070 or the 1060. Is the 1070 overkill for these games? If u have anymore suggestions for my build i would appreciate it please leave suggestions Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3Xjff8
  10. The current computer I am using right now i have had for over 4 year now i think.(specs: cpu: fx 6300 gpu: gtx750 ti Ram:8gb) It was good for it's time when i played low fps intensive games, but now i'm starting to get into for fps intensive games like overwatch, battlegrounds, and rust. The budget for the build is 1300 i would prefer to spend around 1150 to 1200. I don't need any Peripherals and i also live in the United States. My setup has a rgb theme but everything doesn't need to be rgb. Last thing that i think is important to mention is that i'm not going to be streaming but i might do