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  1. I tested with a gpu and without, it does show that on the manual for video error that's the code. I don't know if the on board video is bad or sometihng no idea how to test that when can't even post into bios. Even after changing screws on the motherboard to case same problem will scrap down the pc tommorrow and go head on. Thanks for the ideas anyhow ;].
  2. Ummm i will check this, i did feel electrical leak on the case that's why i had the idea the power supply my be bad but it's not. Thanks will do this.
  3. Ummm, thanks oberon but I get the beep code with one, two or three sticks of ram in any slot. Each ram by it self in ever slot etc. No ram in any slots still same beep code. I don't know but your post felt like a auto post without even reading what i typed above.
  4. Hi, having a problem with a some what old pc. Long beep codes continuouly with ram in any slot or without ram, I search on the motherboard maunal online with no hope at the moment. Beep codes are like 3 long and one short, starts over again continuouly. Question is the motherboard dead or is the power supply damage, I run out of hope here now . Tried with diffrent cpu and ram noting changed. Also reseted cmos noting, sadly no other power supply to test or even a motherboard as well. :\ Mother model: gigabyte ga-880ga-ud3h Power supply: Coolermaster rs-600-pcar-e3 No idea what version bios
  5. Been looking for this for a while thanks for posting it ^ ^, downsampled to 1080p from 1440x900. This fix my stuttering in dota 2 for some reason. from 1440x900 had random fps: 150 to 90 1920x1080 stable 120-110fps.. weird as hell. msi gtx 760 hawk.
  6. Woot clicked win a phone and help someone get it to :3 Favorite thing is that it's a htc m8 and not a samsung s5 lol. :]
  7. Did 3 out of 4 not gonna comment on youtube good luck everyone