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  1. Funny
    Maticks reacted to jcw150 in EK-AF 90 Degree fittings   
    Thanks you are 100% right they are very similar but after 3 weeks of waiting of course the day I actually ask the question the EK fittings are in stock oops.
  2. Agree
    Maticks got a reaction from Nick7 in What Server for Me   
    That's what you were talking about by homelab discord. that is some serious hate.
    It is not an enterprise solution for disks it is not a raid solution where performance is stacking based on the size of your array.
    Unraid is always limited to a single disk performance because you read and write to your data drive and you make a copy of that on your parity drives (simple description).
    Folders of data can be scaled across drives but they are individual disks of XFS Filesystem data.
    The comment around Dockers crashing and VM's crashing, there was a bug once in 2018 where a release of unraid had dockers and vm's hanging it was patched and fixed in 24 hours. It was actually caused by the slackware linux kernel when they upgraded a full release in kernel revision.
    Since then Unraid now has Stable and Next in the update system. Next is used for testing unraid releases and once they go RC they will push it to Stable. Then everyone gets it mostly bug free. I only run Stable.
    The other thing that cause VM's to hang and Dockers to crash is when the filesystem is full, this is a unix thing not an unraid thing, not a linux thing. Even Mac's that are unix based if you fill up your hard drive you have a hell of a time trying to boot it to clear the drive.
    The default folder for Dockers is the Cache pool, its the answer to high performance that the array doesn't have of spinning drives. if you need fast VM's and Docker Apps you'd run them in the Cache Pool. Most people only throw in 256GB SSD's that doesn't take much to fill.
    two parity drives isn't a new thing for unraid? it's been in unraid since 2014, the overhead is minimal to the processor its about 150Mhz when your doing a rebuild.
    the CPU overhead for ZFS is all the time and its on par with the unraid overhead but only when its rebuilding. normal operation its hardly noticeable.
    The VM implementation on Unraid isn't the best its not like ESXi i would say its more than enough if you want to pass through hardware etc.
    If you wanted advanced functions like snapshot mirroring it's not there.
    That is the only thing in this whole post of his in discord that i kind of agree with the webui for VM's is garbage.
    The Docker implementation is really good and the app community has a lot of content in it.
    I've tried a few Docker managers in linux and other solutions Unraid's is simple and easy to update and roll back on. the Webui is very easy to use for their docker system.
    The point of unraid is you take your old gaming system and make it your NAS, you throw different size drives in it and some redundancy, but you don't have speed.
    If you are doing plex streaming and running vm's for home testing for gather of knowledge its perfect, if you want to take those disks out shove them into another computer unplug the usb drive with the boot data on it throw it into another system it will just work.
    If you are running a business and your video editing premier off a shared drive it's just not going to have the performance.
    I am no newbie, i've been a system admin for 3 ISP's for 12 years and a network engineer now days.
    I could argue whats better than unraid there is so much that is but there is flexiablity with unraid you don't get from other solutions.
    The guy who wrote that piece on discord has no idea what he is talking about, there is pieces of information in there that have some truth the rest of it is baseless rubbish.
    I do have a Dell R720 Server and because its a server i run Raid6 on it using the hardware raid controller in it and have esxi installed.
    I do have Unraid running as a VM on top of esxi because Dockers i find are easier to run in unraid.
    Dell make their own version of Esxi for free which includes the drivers for the os, so the fans screaming isn't an issue.
    HP i know you need to install drivers in windows to get the fans to go quiet, HP might have esxi also.
    I think really at the end of the day you can try a few solutions and see what works for you.
    If say i really didn't like Apple and i started writing rants of part truths its no different to this.
    As a comparison i could say Console gaming isn't real gaming 40FPS is rubbish, PC's are the only true gaming systems at 100+FPS. 40FPS is not playable it's garbage. its shit.
    But Consoles still have 500 Million people who think they are fine and for them 40FPS is plenty fast enough.
  3. Agree
    Maticks got a reaction from linuxChips2600 in Hot News? More Like... HWInfo64 Now Shows Hot VRAM for RTX 3080/3090!   
    Maybe a really good reason to have a full cover waterblock this gen.
  4. Funny
    Maticks reacted to Den-Fi in I am taking a poll on NVIDIA GPUs and GPU drivers.   
    Machine learning to try and predict how cute @Eschewwill become in the future.
  5. Agree
    Maticks reacted to Mark Kaine in Help with found motherboard   
    just looking at this, I would go for the long haul... 300 minimum... it's *brand new* has a "skull thing", a led "display" and is from Intel...
    it's probably worth a lot more, 400-500 maybe, though really ~300 seems about right imo! 
    looked it up, 500 minimum, they're selling them for 400 "refurbished"! 

  6. Funny
    Maticks got a reaction from CarlBar in Moar storage - Seagate 24TB hard drives with HAMR technology to soon arrive in 2021.   
    wonder if that will be the offical S.M.A.R.T response at failure.
  7. Funny
    Maticks got a reaction from leadeater in Moar storage - Seagate 24TB hard drives with HAMR technology to soon arrive in 2021.   
    wonder if that will be the offical S.M.A.R.T response at failure.
  8. Informative
    Maticks reacted to leadeater in Moar storage - Seagate 24TB hard drives with HAMR technology to soon arrive in 2021.   
    It wasn't before either, the heads sit above the platter and I believe this height is unchanged.
  9. Funny
    Maticks got a reaction from Trik'Stari in Chinese Foundry HSMC Has Run Out of Money, According to Ex-CEO   
    That's ok I'm sure they will find something to rip off from TSMC to produce and sell in China in no time.
    Maybe some new cyzen processors.
  10. Like
    Maticks got a reaction from Jet_ski in The M1 Benchmarks Continue - Emulated performance appears to *still* outperform any intel-based Mac   
    Apple never make a move like this unless they are sure.
    When they moved from IBM GX chips to Intel it was because a G5 macbook was impossible to power, IBM couldn't make their chip draw less power for more processing power.
    Apple don't get what they want they walk.
    Intel which has been developing for years has finally hit that same point 10nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    X86 has been stuck at roughtly the same Ghz for years with mild IPC increases.
    Here is hoping what Apple does with the M1 will do to the desktop space what Apple did to the mobile space.
    I am not an Apple fan boy but.. when the competition is forced innovation to survive us the comsumer really benefit.
    If AMD didn't release Ryzen and Threadripper do you think you'd have more than 4 cores and 8 threads CPU's for what is now the i9 pricing.
    no you wouldn't have any of that.. you would have a 20% increase in clock speed with no extra anything like we've had for 15 years.
  11. Funny
    Maticks got a reaction from ocanada_techguy in YouTube Music makes some fixes, Google Play Music though   
    this site cracks me up https://killedbygoogle.com/
  12. Agree
    Maticks got a reaction from ocanada_techguy in YouTube Music makes some fixes, Google Play Music though   
    i loved Google Music had it for as long as its been out and youtube red. I can't use this Youtube Music UI its impossible to cleanly drive it.
    Dumped my subscription two months ago went to Spotify. somewhat similar interface to Google Music the Duo Subscription with me and my partner works out well price wise.
    When you are forced off Google Music like we were in Australia you might have to look for another option.
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    Maticks got a reaction from paddy-stone in Five Eyes (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, US) again call for breaking encryption, says it threatens public safety   
    The second an application has confirmed no encryption and privacy that company might as well file for bankrupcy.
    Everyone will dump the platform so fast even if they aren't breaking the law, people just want to feel that they are having a private conversation.
    Really would be no different than saying every room in every home must have a Gov Microphone in it and all conversations will be sent back to be looked into for security reasons.
    If the likes of P2P File sharing has tought us anything.. people did computer application P2P File sharing like Napster and Limewire.
    The Gov shut down that similar to this break the encryption arguement, so people created a decentralized system called Torrents.
    They will just do this again.. someone will come up with a way to encrypt data and decentralize it again.
  14. Agree
    Maticks reacted to Kisai in YouTube Music makes some fixes, Google Play Music though   
    Maybe they will pull an Amazon and make It and Stadia and some other services one fee and then Google might be worth it. But Google has always shown a lack of commitment to their services and products, often making it a poor choice for a long term commitment (eg chromecast, Google tv, chrome books, android)
    the Google graveyard is pretty big.
  15. Funny
    Maticks got a reaction from Loote in Nvidia 3080/3090 shortage expected to last until 2021   
    My best friend is convicened that if he checks his oven the 3080 will arrive. it worked for Jensen.
    I told him he isn't doing it right, it will only appear if you are wearing the correct leather jacket.
  16. Agree
    Maticks got a reaction from posterChild in Nvidia 3080/3090 shortage expected to last until 2021   
    they didnt look at the sales numbers of the 10X series see that the 20X series only had half that number and not think, geez maybe those 10X series people would upgrade?
    This is complete BS, they're not ramping up production waiting to see what AMD have so they don't end up building a heap of card stock for 10G cards only to release a 20G 3080 and be left holding a heap of 10G card stock to discount.
    Nvidia isn't a multi Billion $ company who's forgotten about its supply chain.. they just don't want to be left holding the bag.
    There will also be those that will cancel their card orders if the AMD offering is decent.
  17. Agree
    Maticks got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in AMD Radeon RX 6000 Specifications Revealed / Leaked from 2 Separate Locations: Up to 5120-Cores & 2.5GHz Clock Speeds   
    Still think the RX 6000 series will be better than 2080Ti performance in 4K, but not 3080 performance. That is some massive gains that AMD would have to make in one leap.
    However... Nvidia have heavily focused on 4K gains and 8K, if you look at the 1440p gains they didn't scale because of how the Nvidia GPU is designed, there was gains but not the same as 4K.
    I really think RX 6000 will be a gaming design GPU and as such their gains in 1080p and 1440p might be better than Nvidia and thats possibly where it will be at or beat the 3080.
    You know what thats ok, because there are a lot of 1080p and 1440p gamers out there myself included.
  18. Like
    Maticks got a reaction from Jet_ski in rtx 3080 crashing possibly due to capacitor choice   
    Interesting so there is a lot more to the story. So there might be cleaner power from the vrms so no need for as much on the GPU. I guess we are going to see a lot more on card power breakdown. Gigabyte and zotach was crashing. That's what started all this talk
  19. Funny
    Maticks reacted to Radium_Angel in GameStop to start selling PC hardware   
    The people who accept being ripped off, repeatedly, by shopping at GS will.
    And don't call me surely.
  20. Funny
    Maticks reacted to Briggsy in 3080 FE crashing at 2Ghz   
    buildzoid did a video recently on the power delivery, although he spent half the video rambling about poscaps.
    frequency very well could be hitting a wall with Samsung's 8nm process node, or the architecture itself. There reaches a point when you can't keep a chip stable no matter how much power you throw at it. Reminds me of first gen Ryzen and the 4Ghz barrier.
  21. Agree
    Maticks got a reaction from MrTralala in RDNA2 VRAM Leaks: Go buy AMD cards if you want more than 10GB.   
    A lot are crying over "only 10GB of VRAM on the 3080" turn your texture quality down from Ultra at 4K and you are fine you will slip under 10GB if the game even used 10GB to start with.
    Probably find you will hit 100FPS+ with it turned down under Ultra anyway which you would want to do.
    I don't see this being an issue, most people are doing 1440P which have nothing to worry about 10GB is plenty enough, that extra memory will come with a cost plenty and like $500 to us the buyer given it will fit in nicely between the 3090 and 3080. "Future Proofing" for something in 2 years time? why? just buy a 4080 it will be out by then.
    Why pay more for something you don't need now when you do need it you can get a better product for the same price you paid now with no premium?
  22. Like
    Maticks got a reaction from Brass_01 in EKWB Mystic Fog looks awesome if you are looking to do a fluid change and have some RBG.   
    Usually takes a few builds to get comfortable with petg and iron out the planning. Great start to that area of market. My first two systems were shocking. Each system I've built is improved from the last.
    I pick out a case. Draw on a piece of paper the case. Work out the size of everything draw a mock up. Put in the boards. Plan out where rads will fit Google there rad model with the case look for pictures see how things fit.
    Right down to at the end where I want to run my tubes. If you love a case find someone build and see if you can get the components they are using.
  23. Informative
    Maticks reacted to spartaman64 in rtx 3080 crashing possibly due to capacitor choice   
    uh nvm apparently some have 6 poscaps and some have 4 poscap and 2 mlcc
  24. Agree
    Maticks got a reaction from For Science! in EKWB Mystic Fog looks awesome if you are looking to do a fluid change and have some RBG.   
    like hyper colour tshirts back when i was growing up. that would be very nice looking. the problem will be though you'd have different colours coming out of your CPU cooler to what is coming out of the radiator. but maybe that could look cool also. Actively see the water temps as a feature. what kind of chemical could change colour and not breakdown or destroy metal would be the big question.
  25. Informative
    Maticks reacted to FaxedForward in RTX 3080 AIB review round-up thread   
    So far it seems like the ASUS TUF is one of the best AIB cards available at the MSRP price point ($699 in US) so I think you did well.
    None of the "high end" cards (ROG Strix, Aorus, FTW, etc) have dropped yet so we'll see if they really offer something more valuable beyond looks and RGB, but as noted earlier in the thread, the 3080 silicon doesn't seem to have much more headroom out of the box. So if you don't care about flashy lights, no reason not to grab one of the cards with a good cooler out now.