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    Reaching for the Mother Sun
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    Intel Core i5-6600k
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    Gigabyte Z170 something or other
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    16GB DDR
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    EVGA GTX 970 SSC
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    Corsair 400r
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    512GB samsung ssd of some sort, 4tb seagate
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    Corsair TX650
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    Asus 23" VH232H, Dell E196FPI
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    Corsair H100i
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    NBM "The right touch" space invader switches
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    not what it was
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    Sound Blaster Recon 3d

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  1. Gonna necro an old ass thread for the fun of it. I got bored and installed windows 95 on one of my 486 machines today and ran Super Pi on it, and this is the result. Compaq Deskpro 4/25is with a 33mhz processor, 16mb of ram.
  2. Guess I'll dump my setup in here again Since last time I've upgraded that tower on the left with a voodoo card, so fun stuff.
  3. Nichijou Humanity has Declined Cowboy beebop. You probably got baited my good sir.
  4. You're all banned for still doing this for almost 5 years.
  5. lagging how and how much I have a i5 6600k and a 970. it gets anywhere from 45 to 80fps usually. the game is very optimized. not much else you can expect from an early access game.
  6. Yeah, charlie chaplin was the mascot for the IBM PC.
  7. Yeah, thats what I meant, they don't come with video adapters by default.
  8. Alright then, here you go If the mods don't like it I guess they can just delete it and I'll do it the other way or whatever. if you're bored enough you could also watch the other videos I made for this, which includes me being a dork when turning it on the first time.
  9. Double post, but this forum software sucks and I can't figure out how to add this to my last post. Whoooa hang on there dude, you're way off. everything in this machine isn't even near what you think it is. This thing is so old it would only be good running DOS or Windows 3.1, none of the hardware is compatible with modern PCs minus the PS/2 peripherals. This machine only has ISA bus slots, that was before PCI, which is before PCIe. The hard drive is IDE, so its slower than turds if you compare it to the slowest modern drive. Although, its not completely useless
  10. Looks more like FPM than EDO to me. I don't think many 486 machines use EDO. but yeah, looks like a 486 DX2-66. http://ps-2.kev009.com/pcpartnerinfo/ctstips/27ce.htm Clean it up, install DOS 6.22, Install the SB16 drivers (seems to have a SB16 vibra sound chip), play Tyrian 2000. Enjoy.
  11. I already have a couple videos on this thing, but iirc people aren't allowed to post their own videos on the forum.It seems the only place that its allowed is in status updates so I guess I could charge up my crappy little camera and record a video of me powering it up and link my status update here or something. They aren't that expensive, like half the price of your average cruddy cherry keyboard.
  12. There was some guy who had a warehouse of old ATs and was selling them on ebay, I haven't seen any recently, so maybe he's out of them. you could probably get one used for cheaper on ebay anyway. well when this thing was made, PC gaming wasn't really a thing. There was computer gaming, but that meant home microcomputers like the commodore, ataris, etc. There weren't many PC games back then, and the ones made at the time of the AT's launch won't run properly on an AT anyway, since they used the CPU speed of the old IBM PC as the timer because all the old PCs ran at the sam
  13. I am guilty of this, but instead of being with tech its guitars. I spent a bit too much for my unskilled ass.
  14. This isn't about doxxing, this is about blackmail. They used the information he didn't want publicly available to coerce him to remove all his "offensive posts" and remove his accounts. This is not censorship, this is not journalism, this is vigilante justice against people who don't agree with them politically. Sure, anyone else could have dug this up, but this is supposed to be a reliable news source, not 4chan. What they did is illegal, unless blackmail is somehow legal now. On top of that they are displaying how truly untrustworthy they are, how little journalistic