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  1. All good people sorry I have managed to get it to work after trying again today... Maybe a typo or something or and issue with the keyboard for what ever reason but thanks for the post guys!! Awesome
  2. So I have date: 2020/01/07.... ten yrs back is 2010/01/7 I tried the password for that date and the one before and after still no joy... eeek lol dont really want pulln this thing apart I am just wanting to re-image to give a way to a charity from my company I work for. It worked on other ASUS previously until now. Kind Regards Kye
  3. Love the case dude.


    I am liking it a lot, I really want to get hold of a case like the Corsair Concept Slate

    1. tarfeef101


      :) Awesome!

      Yeah it isn't quite as large as that... But nice and roomy for an ATX build with rads, tubing, a pump, a res, some drives, and all that in the back so the front is nice and clean. 

  4. Anyone know of any news on Corsair's Concept Slate? I realy like that case and want one, if not that actual one, can anyone recommend one like it that I want to have a positive pressure flow in side a tampered glass case? And maybe with the feature of having a second PSU & Motherboard in it. Kind Regards Kye