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    varadd got a reaction from steelo in RAM for Ryzen!   
    If you could sell them at a decent price ( which you should be able to after all they are just ram sticks) you should check out the g skill ripjaws. It’s cas latency is 15-15-15-35 but I don’t think you should spend more than 10% of a cheaper ram but at higher cas latency. If you can your hands on the gskill flare X (not on your mentioned website)kit then you should definitely go for it. Also stay above the 3000 MHz mark as ryzen lover faster memory. Cheers
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    varadd reacted to Gale in Riley and James need to go   
    Why do you think NCIX went bankrupt, huh?
    Checkmate, atheists.
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    varadd reacted to Stratassj in Differences between RAM Companies   
    As im looking for RAM for my build, im currious. I've always heard of G. Skill, or Corsair, But these other companies, GeIL, Team T Force, Ballistix, Are they worth looking at themselves? Are the $80 16GB 3000 kits worth their price over the more expensive $120 kits? Why is it so difficult to ignore wanting RGB...