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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB 3200 MHz
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    GTX 1080 Ti FE
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    SMSL Sanskrit PHA Amp & Pro-B DAC + HD 6XX/HD 700/HD 559/ATH M40X
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  1. A lot of people, including myself have some real nice headphones that still require a headphone socket to plug in to, and phones mostly have moved on from this. There's a lot of USB C Adapters out there that let you charge your phone whilst plugging your headphones in, and as much as I like my Bose QC 35 II's, they don't quite match up to the sound of some of my other headphones and also even though the battery life is great, my memory isn't always so and due to this, I have dedicated a charging cable to hang where I usually rest them. I know of some people who forget to charge theirs and them
  2. Sorry, was offline for awhile. I would use your headphones to see if the back works? If could be the provided cables are busted, it could be the jacks on your board are busted. As the Ninja of quick suggested and if you've not given up on the speakers yet. Can you specify the motherboard you're using? If the board audio at the back is malfunctioning, you can get a 2nd hand sound card for pretty cheap.
  3. There's a way to get sound playing through both if you're using RealTek. Try to disable "Front panel jack detection". This will make the front and rear jacks play the same stream in the Realtek program and if you do not use RealTek, I'd look to see if it has anything similar to this. As for using only the 3 front speakers, you can only use them. I believe it's the 2.1 option.
  4. You do not need a sound card, unless the audio on your motherboard is non functional. I would make sure the audio device is correctly selected on your PC, I would also then make sure that the mute isn't enabled and that the volume isn't set too low. Make sure everything is firmly plugged in and that the sub is getting power. the Z906 comes with those cables for left, right and mic as they'll be more widely accessible than optical. You can use all the speakers but if you are using the cables provided with the system, you will not get true surround sound. If you wish for surround sound, you
  5. That was a lot of effort to go through and is very much appreciated! Thank you.
  6. I recently got a pair of HD 700s and my AMP and DAC the SMSL SD-793II. Now I feel like it does push the headphones quite well, but was curious about what's a decent upgrade from these for the money? I know opinions will differ but I have essentially no knowledge of AMP and DAC combos. I'll be using it for essentially everything. Gaming, editing audio for videos, watching movies/shows and listening to music. Appreciate any feedback on recommendations.
  7. You'll need to message @Whaler_99 when you pass milestones and he will give you the badges associated with said milestones.
  8. Currently only using a OC'd 1080 on air. Usually use a OC 1080 Ti on water. I only Fold now and then. Started back up to keep my room warm overnight during winter.
  9. You can enter any alias you want. If you're going to be doing this on behalf of LTT, even though officially they have no links to it, then using the same or similar name to your alias here? They will email you the Passkey with the alias of your choosing. Team Number for LTT is 223518.
  10. I was like 'wow, he's so cheap' but it was totally understandable. that 2.50 kept them within budget lol and Linus the sob story guy but who is too soft to barter, whereas Luke when in competition, he's tough but otherwise just easy going. Wow, I thought they were going to get into a fight over the optical drive.
  11. Sorry. I typed something up and then deleted it as it didn't make sense but must have missed a part of it. Was meaning that he is tough on folk when making deals.
  12. He probably has so much going on, but when does he not? He's very big on doing for charities and helping people out when he can, unless it's getting components. He's a tough negotiator. Even my wallet feels sorry for the people he buys off in SYWs. Maybe he can give it a shout out in the next WAN show or sometime soon at least?
  13. Hit 1mill. First time I've had almost zero issues using Folding. GPUs were great, always getting x21. CPU didn't like playing higher than 10 threads.
  14. He may have made a mistake or you did something wrong. I don't imagine that Luke would just randomly ban someone if they hadn't done something wrong, on purpose.