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  1. So if I want to get a slightly better performance then I should think about v2 Family, right?
  2. it costs twice as much as e3-1280 v1. It's not about raw performance for me. I want a cheap upgrade too. So if we compare, for example e3-1280 and e3-1280v2. I think I should buy a e3-1280 cause anyway i'll be using 1333MHz RAM and it's 2 times cheaper. What do you think?
  3. Just looked up some prices on aliexpress. e3-1280 3.5GHz 3.9GHz-Turbo is same price as e3-1230v2 but 3.3GHz and 3.7GHz-Turbo. I can handle 95W TDP i think, cause now I have a i5-2400 95 TDP too, no more than 55C under 100% load. I still don't understand the point of buying v2 version.
  4. Hmm, you're right man. Thank you. So what's the point of buying v2 instead of v1 on the same clock speed?
  5. v2 is not compatible with my motherboard, different lithography 32nm and 22nm.
  6. I've already checked compatibility. But here it is: P8H67-M. Yes, CPU is supported.
  7. I've got idea from a man that I can upgrade my i5-2400 to Xeon with same 32nm and 1155 socket compatibility. So i got my eyes on 2 chips: e3-1270 and e3-1280, price difference on AlieExpress is about 2-3 USD. I've seen that many people get e3-1270, not the e3-1280. I got pretty good tower cooler with 4 pipes. I can see only TDP and 100MHz difference. Can you guys explain me and advise me what processor to buy: e3-1270 or e3-1280? Personally I want e3-1280.
  8. Problem was resolved that day later, just didn't post it here. So the problem was in monitor somehow, however now it works with this monitor anyways. CMOS bios, then I switched to 4k TV and installed drivers, even windows didn't see the card, I just installed it anyways from AMD site. After GPU showed up in device manager. Then I switched back to my monitor and all was working.
  9. Now I’ve plugged card in pcie slot, disconnected all other devices and power. And resetting CMOS
  10. i've scrolled a lot of topics on internet about this problem, but none of those problem solvers are fine for me
  11. https://gyazo.com/33ce1540acbc301d73500cabe24470ea
  12. it has something called Legacy ROM in BIOS