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  1. i was looking at o- minus because its near the same size as my harpoon rgb. fps games only
  2. i want to know what the best faster lightest wired or wireless gaming mouse is on the market under 100$ cad. i use finger grip my hand length is 19 cm by 8 cm LxW
  3. i also looked at the glorius model o-
  4. should i get razer viper mini, g305 or g703?
  5. i have been wondering if i should get a really light wired mouse or semi light wireless mouse price cap of 80$ any ideas?
  6. i have recently bought a G2A windows oem key and the key doesnt work. but i was told by G2A that i need to do it differently for oem keys. what do i do?
  7. i dont have windows 10 paid just free. i used a dual moniter background to get it on both moniters
  8. is there anyone that can help me flip the wall paper im using. like what the left monitor has as a photo on the right side?
  9. well the desk is made of partical board but has these pre drilled holes for the legs.
  10. Does the middle leg get in the way of leg space if i were to install it?
  11. thanks i will use one from the back of pc. is there any that is white?
  12. well you see i would like to buy a new wireless mouse but im a 15 yearold and my mom wont let me sooo.
  13. would i just have a cable clip on the back of the desk to make sure he mouse doesnt snag on anything?