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  1. damn shame, but someone damn deserved to be on the receiving end unfortunately quite frankly i worry for those who don't speak of their depression and still read all of that. this is not a nice feeling to have, and I personally wouldn't like to be reminded of the people who practise the ignorant hate IRL when i see it on this forum
  2. unfortunately that's just the inevitable direction it'll go for small time devs in china. which is frustrating because now they have to fit into the template and only make retellings of historical fantasies and mythologies, just to do work in game dev there. or clone international games to cater to the chinese audience it's the stagnation of explorative culture i'm more concerned about; anything else (like audience reach) would definitely reflect on that. "we have pandas, and we have kung fu, but we don't have a movie like kung fu panda"
  3. seee the state im in nooow

    So, a week or so back, took the dive and bought…

    huh. Blender, Maya, or which? (also which headset did you get?)
  4. hey wait a second: how is this video going to work on bilibili? o_o
  5. "i got to have an ID to create a Steam account?" Flash back to Asiasoft, which manages the southeast asian servers of maplestory. Accounts in singapore require(d?) a national ID input, and that's before the government started caring about that side of things.
  6. also EDIT: damn i'm only now noticing monke linus on the mask in that frame
  7. i bet a lot of listings are about to be updated with "AS SEEN ON LINUS TECH TIPS" moments after this video goes public
  8. ever wondered why most hobby robotics projects are always a pi or arduino or something of that flavor, and never (say) an i5 or an R7? they literally don't need anything more to do whatever they need for a remote robotic laboratory. they managed to do all the self-landing stuff with what's built into everything involved. i can't speak for their requirements, but you'd think they would have sent one by now if they do really need "something modern" (not accounting for development time, which has mentions of planning as early as 2013) like what's mentioned earlier, if Linu
  9. could you describe the part? was it the one with the coloured balloons or was it the one with the jittery brown squares? EDIT: at least that's what i think i can feel might be the triggers. also not helping that the video's made up of white fill to dark fill cuts also paging @NickHeavy to pass it on
  10. actually that begs the question: do the theoretical 3060 gamer-only cards get nerfed for things like F@H? o_o
  11. if i may soapbox for a moment:


    this is the better thread. i know the rules require all discussion to be constrained to the earlier thread, but frankly this one is much MUCH more informative from a person who cares about the subject matter



    i'm dejected that there's a new-old quality issue now again. that is all

    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      Don't have time to read the entire thread or look into it:

      Is windows 10x yet another Windows Phone (depending on your age: Windows mobile, Windows RT, (Windows 10s) and maybe even more I can't remember)?

  12. seee the state im in nooow

    Gonna try out for a bit and see if I se…

    first off: .one is a valid top-level domain. do not blindly type in any URL without knowing who it belongs to. one.one could easily be owned by someone else that's not cloudflare second: third: they have a desktop client as well fourth: a better DNS server only improves internet address resolving speed. the connection between you and the page you intend to visit will depend on your ISP and the host of that page
  13. so they went the direction of what IFTTT did about 4 months ago (which is to say "ungodify" free tier users) i get that they see the value of their service as a whole. i respect that they put a price on it. i just don't have that commitment (... though this is an account security service, so i hope they don't inadvertently lock users out, because that's a quick way to lose prospective users)
  14. they've got a serious post-first-think-later issue. not even a week ago they reposted 1smus's internal echos without thinking that an AMD announcement date that falls on a business holiday for a key region would be out of character if clicks are their priority above clarity they're no better than the ads i get served everywhere in the case of the thread: who is powerGPU, where are they located, and why are their defect rates higher than the 2% most other retailers are seeing?
  15. thaaaaaat's all on you, those are not soldered and needs to be unscrewed to safely remove. for it to break off like that... yeah no the opening is too big for the screw thread, there's not enough matter for the tape or glue to hold it onto (unless you mean the one with the socket still on it, but that's still going to be a weak bond. do not try to solder it back, i'm not sure what the exposed planes are and i'm not sure if they should be bridged. ditto mildly corrosive bonding agents)
  16. jay got covid. one of the bad kind get well soon jay, and get tasting soon (please do, it absolutely sucks)
  17. want all the experience of going to the dentist and get more of the PC experience with none of the mouthwork? HAVE I GOT THE SETUP FOR YOU
  18. speaking of which, there's a news piece that got referenced in level1techs talking of experimental touchscreen controls for a fighter jet 20% failure rate when it comes to actually touching stuff. also no tactile feedback that might sound overkill for a media console (unfortunately with most of the actual core vehicle controls) given that it's a fighter pilot wearing gloves that needs to facilitate touchscreen controls and needs 100% of the demands addressed, but the point of a good driving environment is to keep the driver undistracted from the road as much as possible
  19. there are jobs out there with smaller odds than that. have a think about why people do that anyway