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seee the state im in nooow

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  1. yeah pretty sad to see this going from moderators' watercooler chat thread, to "LEL I EDGY ASK FOR LOCK FUNNY" sometimes a person's idea of fun can ruin stuff for others
  2. that seems extremely minor to warrant a 3-day mute ._. is anyone at LMG still manning the discord? also what's the full sentence/context if you don't mind sharing? not funny
  3. correct me if i'm wrong, but i think GN beat you guys to the concept of CPUs at the back o_o
  4. I got a different situation: how long should a good pair last in the armpits?
  5. again, there is a piece talking of the problem with (tech) kickstarters (or at least this particular company that mainly use kickstarter as a funding and launch vehicle) toward the back half of the video. that's separate from the problem with searchability after publishing timestamp 8:58
  6. doesn't reddit use usernames for the identifier part (as opposed to emails or a specific account name)? because all someone has to do is guess the password. if it can't be explained with password leaks, it can be explained with brute force change all your passwords or use a password manager. you can disagree with the possibilities, but know that someone out there now knows your email (from reddit preferences) and password, and it's not a stretch to guess that they could try logging in with those elsewhere
  7. new experiment: every time a new user posts an angry comment about something (to anyone) as one of their first few posts, they go into the list.

    kinda want to see how much more tolerable the forums would be to read (and how long/quickly will the list grow)


    thought of the psychonauts 2 interview where Tim Schafer talks about cutting out people who put hate over curiosity when it comes to open channels of communication


    when I was a kid, I would have killed to have access to a game developer. I used to write magazines. “How do you get a job in gaming? How do you make video games?” And, of course, they wouldn’t respond. I never thought I would talk to — I mean, as an adult, I was excited when I got to meet Warren Robinett, who made Adventure. “Oh my God, you made my favorite game!” And nowadays, when you’re playing a game, you can just talk right at the person who made it. That’s not something people should take advantage of. There should be a value to that. If you use that opportunity to be insulting and rude, you should get blocked.


    1. Tristerin


      I notice that new users that suck dont last long here

    2. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      that's true, although i'm also curious on the rate of user and comment dumping


      if it's not as much as i think it is, then it's truly something that can be ignored (ha-ha), but if my list doubles within the year (that's a feat to say the least) that goes to show the kind of civility we kinda have online (and that's not even counting twitter)

    3. Tristerin


      Yeah Ive noted first time users come here with an attitude like we are supposed to help them, or if we dont help them like (or in the timeframe they want) they want then they get pretty shitty, but then they typically go away.


      Its probably as often as you think it is, Im here daily and its about daily a new person opens an account and acts dumb, or someone with sub 100 posts arrives back on their account and acts dumb.  


      One of them today was basically backlashed by like 10 of us to the point that a mod closed the thread (cause it wasnt allowed anyways) and the admonished us for the way we handled it.   I think some of us regulars do get tired of it!