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  1. Is this really the cheapest available? I was hoping for less then £100
  2. So I have this old i7, a 3920k. Now the problem is I can't do anything with it because all the motherboards for it are ridiculously expensive. Does anyone know of an X79 motherboard that's actually affordable and worth the money considering how old these things are?
  3. I'd say use a monitoring program such as MSI Afterburner to see what your GPU usage, CPU usage and RAM usage is at when playing games. This can help you pinpoint the bottleneck or other issue you might be having
  4. In my opinion, your current rig should do the trick for both editing and gaming. Unless you're planning to game at higher resolutions and quality settings then your GPU is fine, same as RAM and CPU. The space on the HDD and SSD to run your OS from seems adequate too. However, depending on what kind of editing you do I might suggest upgrading the CPU or RAM just because heavy editing at higher resolutions can be very taxing on those parts.
  5. Would be pretty cool if I could sell some beast PCs, but the idea here is to sort of make some quick money with low investment.
  6. Try opening up your task manager, and viewing processes to see which applications or maybe viruses is using up all the disk capacity. Hopefully this will allow you to pinpoint the source and take steps from there.
  7. My Dad owns a little computer shop and he's racked up quite a collection of old parts that are mostly ridiculously outdated. Is it worth modding cases and reusing old parts? Mostly to create browsing computers and maybe even low-end gaming computers for indie titles and older games. I'm not an expert modder but I could re-paint some old cases and cut into them to make them look more aesthetic. Not sure sure if worth the effort tho.
  8. If its shutting down then its fine, but if you're holding it down and forcing it then it could potentially damage it. Just pressing it once and letting it shut down naturally is okay.
  9. Okay, so I have a NZXT s340 Elite, Hyper 212 Evo Red LED CPU cooler, and an Nvidia reference design 1080ti. The motherboard is the Gigabyte z270x Ultra Gaming, it has RGB lighting. Can I get some ideas for helping the aesthetics and just making it look better in general? I don't have issues with replacing some parts, such as the LED cooler but not the more expensive parts. Very open to ideas. It's a mashup of mismatched colours. HALP
  10. Actually, sorry chieften98. You say you're having to force shut down your PC? Okay, I take it back, forcing your PC to shut down instead of shutting it down via windows may damage your components and software.
  11. I don't think it will physically damage your computer or the sticks of ram, but don't quote me on that I'm not a 100% sure. Anyway, if you can deal with the crashing and you prefer the 12gb then go for it, should be fine.
  12. Well black screens and crashing could be happening for a myriad of reasons. Although, in my experience using dual channel ram with two sticks that aren't the same brand, size and speed can lead to some issues. I would try removing one stick of ram and using single channel, see if it works and if it doesn't, do the same with the other. Let me know if this resolves your issue.
  13. I get pretty decent temps on the current cooler I have, I haven't stress test but in CPU intensive games like Ghost Recon I'll get like 65 - 75, ish. Varies.
  14. So I have an i7 7700k CPU, no overclocking just the native 4.2 Ghz clock speed. The cooler is relatively cheap, but it works well with these clock speeds. (hyper 212 evo). Is overclocking safe with this air cooler or would I have to upgrade the cooler to liquid cooling or a more expensive air cooler? I don't have a target for overclocking but this CPU can stabilise at 5.0 Ghz
  15. So I've been thinking about putting my GTX 1080 ti to use. I'm currently rocking a 1080p monitor with 144hz. What do you guys think about the Acer Predator 27" at 1440p? Is it worth the money?