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  1. I'm an university teacher. (in latin america) I use OBS to stream and record my classes. I have an FX-8320E and a Nitro R9 380 4GB, 400Mbps down and 10Mbps Up. I use virtualcam to get the video output to zoom. 1080p 30fps canvas for webcam+ppt+realtime subs+zoom chat. I think virtualcam uses the stream configuration (x264, main, veryfast, 4000 bitrate) Also i record the classes with x264 2500 bitrate, and get 1.5GB per class, but i get some little artifacts if i'm also doing some stuff in the pc and i'm not very conformed with the quality for 1080 30fps. I want to try H264/AVC (AM
  2. The IPS i have right now is only 60Hz and 4ms. I want to buy a TN 144hz FreeSync 1ms for gaming.
  3. Thanks, i know, is the most expensive upgrade. that's why i'm not sure if do it first. If i pair my FX with the RX 5600XT. Should i get a big bottleneck?
  4. Budget (including currency): 800 USD Country: CHILE Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: GAMING 1080p 144Hz: DOOM ETERNAL, WAR THUNDER. Other details I have an FX8320E at 4.0GHZ, 16GB of Ram, a R9 380 at 1090Mhz and 1600Mhz in memory. Two monitors 1080p at 60fps. One is IPS (LG 24MP58VQ) and the other LCD TV (LG M228WA-BM). PSU (800W), cooler and Case in good shape. Build in 2016. I want to upgrade to: 1.- Gear G2450M (1080p, FreeSync, 144Hz) (keep the IPS for second monitor. and use this new one for gaming) (190 USD in local price) 2.- RX 5600X
  5. I'm looking to see how enable the amd radeon video profiles for youtube in Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It doesn't work even with hardware acceleration and gpu blacklist off. Doesn't matter if the codec is H264 or VP9. The only browser that have support for it is Edge where is show in the Demo mode that the sharpening is being applied. I have a R9 380 with Adrenalin 20.3.1 (updated today) Edge Opera Firefox
  6. Anyone can hear this weird pitch at 10.000 Hz? Is only in the begining 0-1:12
  7. I have an ASUS X556UQK with a AR956x wifi card. I want to know if i can update it to an AC or AX wifi card in the future.
  8. >DREAMS IN RYZEN...some day i will update the platform.
  9. No, i have this for over 3 years... just getting tired of the jet engine noise while gaming of the stock cooler fan.
  10. Want to pick an air cooler for a AM3+ FX8320E with little overclock (just in the turbo) in a Asus m5a97 r2.0. The Case is a Thermaltake Versa H24 (155mm height for cooler) with tree intakes (2 front 1 back) and two out (in the top).. I have to pick one of this list "CPU COOLERS" because is the local store in my town. (From Chile, 1 USD=685 clp). Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks! i will start to save money to buy MB, Rams and CPU. I will need around 540USD to buy all here at this 3rd world country.
  12. My build has a little more than a year and it was before ryzen and GTX 1000 series. I'm looking to update to Ryzen 1600 and GTX 1060 (6gb) or maybe 1070. What should i update first? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your help. After a new thermal paste application the temperature downs around 10ºC.... i never will buy the cheapest one.
  14. The CPU is without OC. Thanks for the information. I think i would need more frequent thermal paste changes, and buy a better one. I use a really cheap one. Thanks for all the answers so fast. You guys are amazing.
  15. I have this from september 2016. I buy all parts new. i replaced the thermal paste some month ago, and have always been very hot in the motherboard for heavy duty. Even the case gets very hot.