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  1. When I try to hookup AOC 24g2 75hz to Radeon RX 5500 XT via DP or HDMI, it gives no signal how to solve it?
  2. I understand that i need emulation to translate ARM code to X86. is QEUM capable of emulating, for example, a Linux Distro for ARM64 on Windows 10 X86 64 bit version. if it's ok to do that how to do it and how to configure the resources of it so i can increase core count ram etc
  3. A friend of mine got his phone hacked when he logged into a public WIFI. he did try to reset factory defaults but with no use, every time he enables WIFI this evil hack starts again. is there any way to overcome this hack
  4. there's an old monitor in my house I just tried to connect it to an old box with gtx 750 TI. I just want to use the DP port on the monitor. the fact that Gigabyte GTX 750 TI windforce doesn't feature any native DP ports. so i bought a DP male to HDMI female adapter connected it to monitor then connected the HDMI cable from the GPU to the adapter and it doesn't show any signal . so how to get this setup to work? also, I found an amazon basic DP/HDMI cable with both ends male could this cable carry signal from GPU to Monitor.
  5. i'll give it a try for CAD apps "autocad/revit/robot/navisworks/staad pro connect"
  6. so for windows container what is the software used to run it on linux/macOS for wine is there any tutorials for it?
  7. hi, guys, I was wondering if it's possible to create a Windows container on Linux/macOS to use it to run a GUI windows app and if it's not possible can I make WineHQ docker on Linux to install different runtimes and dependencies to run apps like AutoCAD/Revit with each one having its own docker
  8. how to solve it? i'll reformat it as NTFS to be mountable by windows 10 and i'll give it a try
  9. i've installed Linux on a spare hard drive along with win 10 on ssd when i log into linux it shows a problem with hard drive when i open disks i got this error log is there a way to solve it?