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    R9 3900X
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    ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero
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    32Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600Mhz (2x16Gb)
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    Phanteks EVOLV ATX
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    Corsair Gaming CG K70 RGB
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    Mionix NAOS 7000
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    Sony WH-1000X M3 + Audio-Technica AT2020USB

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  1. Agreed. I've been using an AT2020USB for about 7years and it's still going strong. No other hardware required. I've had a fair amount of positive comments about the sound quality, but I also sank a lot of time into experimenting and dialling it in for my environment. My final solution was VoiceMeeter, Cantible Lite and VST plugins (e.g. Reaper ReaPlugs) Cantibile patches into Voicemeeter mic channel, processes the audio then feeds it back to VoiceMeeter Voicemeeter Mic IN > Cantibile > Voicemeeter Mic Out The VST plugins need to be in a
  2. Surprised a used GoPro wasn't a suggestion for camera. I use an old Hero 4 which is powered by the PC's USB, has auto exposure, doesn't need a bright light and as it's so light you can stick it pretty much anywhere. I'm also disappointed in the mic quality At the very least I would have expected the recommendation of a shock mount for the mic so table knocks and bumps don't get transmitted directly into the mic. Also something to limit plosives. The Dynamic mic audio was full of it until Linus was playing, so his head was turned away slightly. Even a sock over t
  3. Nov 18th : Hacked https://twitter.com/C2Wtweets/status/1329054417165946881?s=20 Nov 20th : Restored https://twitter.com/C2Wtweets/status/1329885492092006408?s=20 Nov 25th: Channel Shut Down https://twitter.com/C2Wtweets/status/1331595104499458049?s=20 Dec 3rd: Still down https://twitter.com/C2Wtweets/status/1334468917335613441?s=20 Dec 5th : Still down See #1 post
  4. Summary Chase on Two Wheels, one of the biggest Motorbike / Motovlog YouTubers (1+m subs) has their account deleted following it being hacked and restored weeks ago Quotes My thoughts Chase has been a PG content creator for the last 10 years or so and YT is his main income. He reached out to his YT partner who did initial investigation, but YT still hasn't done anything ... 10 days and counting since his channel was deleted. If they can do this to a big YouTuber like him, who will be next? Sources https://twitter.com/C2Wtweets
  5. I was reluctant to use handbrake until recently, but now I've used it I love it. + you can save profiles to meet each format you require. You can tell it to retain filenames so that Resolve or PremPRo will have no problem reconforming it.
  6. It is unless the copyrite holder says it's opensource or creative commons. Best option - record some vlogs or a how-to video then edit it together. It takes hours to edit compared to recording, but it's useful learning process on getting (requesting) source footage to fit your edit
  7. I build all my PCs here (pic source: AEEvans)
  8. Don't know why people get so butthurt about this... it's not like you see this side of it when it's installed. The back plate tho ... that's what needs to look good
  9. It depends on the terms of the licence. It could vary from free to use as long as credited or pay for use without creator credit. Namedropping the creator at that point would be at the user's discretion.
  10. I feel like this was one of those "F*ck it .. I'm now making the videos I want. Screw what anyone else thinks" videos Linus talked about in his thinking about retiring video. Pushing against the wave of AMD fandom in order to put a virtual arm around the awesome people in Intel that he's encountered and befriended.... the kind of people the like of which are core to making large corporations tick with the execs oblivious to how lucky they are to have them working with them. Big up the unsung techie nutjobs that push the boundaries and always ask "But what if we try this
  11. um .... you might want to have another go at that swear beep @ 10:22
  12. Thanks, That made it more clear the distinction between HAXM and WHP[X] I already have WHP enabled in Windows Features as per my screenshots, but I found that there's a 3rd option that needs disabled. In my screenshot you can see WHP is enabled, but above it there's "Virtual Machine Platform" (that was introduced with W10 build 1809) That also used Hyper-V tech, so although Hyper-V and it's subcomponents are all disabled, checking VMP does enable some components of it. I deselected VMP and now it works. I haven't seen that referenced a
  13. I'm having issues trying to get emulation running on Android Studio and I was hoping someone has an idea on how to get it working? I recently rebuilt my PC going from I7-6850k to AMD 3900X with new Mobo and faster RAM. Prior to the rebuild I had it working with no problem, so I don't know if it's a compatibility issue with the Intel Software on AMD, but from what I've researched I can see other people are able to use it, so I must be missing a step somewhere? The error I get on trying to install is: If I try to run the installer directly I get a similar err
  14. You could have a look at http://windowgrid.net/ Can do fairly complex window/pane templates and is free