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  1. Here is my project Unhidden | Tribute A huge thank you to Cooler Master for both organizating this event, but also for sponsoring me Huge thank you to Alphacool, add:north and Ryobi
  2. That is one sexy backside. I did the last vinyl pieces and I'm close to loop filling. Printed a PSU brace bracket to keep the shroud level. Love that two tone of the case now, with matte black ontop, front and back, but the case intact. Makes the characteristic handles pop even more. 3D printed custom back plates with cut outs for GPU and Motherboards. Just need 2h of sanding and they will be perfect. Printed a fan cover for the radiator inside. Added some magnetic tape. Handy. What a wonderful logotype tha
  3. A picture can say a thousand words, but not sure it can cover all the frustration (cursing) from 200h of failed prints, but I have one more item to manage on my plan for this entire mod. The crown piece to earn the name of the mod - Unhidden | Tribute. But I was determined to print a full custom front with cutouts for the fans, to show them as well as adding a little personal touch to the otherwise fairly untouched case. Complete with the authentic snap in and fold out design of the original front. Toook some tries to get that one right with guess-a
  4. So kind of you. Comments like this makes it all the way to the heart. I thank you for taking time to do an account just to say that /bow /salute THANK YOU
  5. Thank you very much m8. Makes me happy. I always try to build clean. Hide what doesn't add and enhance what should. Much appreciated
  6. Learn by doing... Third time is a charm, atlest for me adding this matte vinyl to the top. I got big mod left for the front, so I want two tone. The sides are left original to pay my tribute to the exterior as well. This will be a BIG challenge... Dual pumps and loops mean dual drains. This is one. As the bottom fan cover is removable, it's leaves a fairly easy access without taking up space. One last RGB test before I start to put things into it's real place. Next time I will use soft tub
  7. I admit, I'm starting to feel the preasure. Just passed 40h straight and still so much work left to do. I'm starting to feel that scary feeling that there is a chance I'll not make it in time. More coffee, I'm GOING to make it... RGB testing. I'm using the Alphacool Eismatrix together with the Cooler Master fan hub that came with the case. I tested that I can run the Case RGB from the Eismatrix and I can. Good. Printed a side and a roof for the backside pump cover. Needs sanding and putty.Probably in the other order...
  8. With the previous step of planning the cable management for the backside, I could start the day with making it a reality. Focus was also making the backside PSU shroud cover ready. My idea for the shroud is to combine printed parts with simpler straight handcut acrylic plates. Precision and speed at the best mix. Started with a printed corner plate dummy to position the right part of the shroud. Basically it's the right most part of the pump cover. Cut a piece of 3mm acrylic into the right size. Added the top part and t
  9. With the backside out (again) I could start with cutting hole for the second pump. There it is. Measure twice, cut once... That's more like it. Can't hide such a beauty. Also want the symetry with the front as well as making the backside as rich and alive as the front. Everything unhidden. Re-mounted (again) the wall and got ready to connect the backside pass throughs. Two equal bends. One to the top and one to the bottom. I played around with the top connection a
  10. Work continued with the front part of the PSU shroud and the specifically the pump cover. I started testing different design ideas and print solutions. Knew what I wanted as an end result, but not sure of the road to it. After some time I felt I had a solid solution. This is how I want to show the unhide the pump, but still keep it as clean as possible. First print is a faster prototype profile . Just like I wanted it. The pump is what draws attention, but still keep it classical with a PSU shroud.
  11. Thank you very much. I'm a little stressed out tbh, so much left to do and deadline in just a few days including final photos.
  12. PSU shroud was up on the agenda. With part of the hard tubes done for the loop I need to connect the loop into the PSU shroud. More precision drilled pass throughs As it was time to mount the reservoirs to make those connection I also took some photos. Love the feel of acrylic and glass. That's how I will mount them. Changing my straw-loop a little, but to the better. Two quick holes with my stepdrill and ready to continue. Much better. Small tubes, but enough to show some colant going into the shroud.
  13. It is always exciting to start with bending tubes. Feels like a water cooled project moves into it's readiness face. I started bending much earlier then I usually do. Mostly due to all the pass throughs. The loop is really complicated as it is. Making all the pass throughs with hand tools, it's a real challenge. I bought a real drill for the occation. Expensive, but hopefully worth it. Made a test drill in a scrap acrylic piece and it was such a difference using this real drill. Those pass throughs will look amazing in the build.