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  1. I see. The thing that had me worried was that this was the first time that I had ever experienced the issue with a display. Any reasons why this may be happening with this particular display?
  2. I have a Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (IPS display panel, 165Hz, 2560 x 1600, 16"), and I've noticed very slight image retention occurring with the display. If I have high contrasty content (particularly UI) on the display for maybe 10-15 mins, then I switch to a the grey color at the Rtings image retention test: I can see the outlines of the UI. Furthermore, when I run the above test properly by playing back the video, after initial 10 mins, there are some faint outlines of the Rtings logos faintly visible on the display. My only problem is, this issue basically unnoticeable
  3. This is what I meant haha, if by some slim chance this is something I can get off the ground, I do plan on continually improving it. That is not something I considered, so thanks for the suggestion :)
  4. I have a program that is about 50% away from a stage I think would be considered complete. I have a bit of a problem regarding the business model of the software. I would love to make it free and/or open source, but I foresee the development time of the software taking a significant amount of time, and I'm not in a position to devote a large portion of my free time to development unless there is a possibility of being able to earn back some of that time in revenue. I imagine the free software model, supplemented by user donations, becomes a good idea if your software ha
  5. When you search on google for a physical store, it shows a graph of how busy the store is currently, in comparison to how busy it is normally, and how the busyness varies over the course of a day. I was wondering whether Google offered an API or something of that sort that I could use to directly access the live 'busy' amount of a local store. As it stands, the 'Popular Times' section doesn't actually provide any hard numbers, it just shows how busy the store is relative to other times of the day. If possible I would like to integrate this data into Home A
  6. My Intel Graphics driver or the AMD one or just do both?
  7. I have this issue when I'm playing a game, sometimes something important in my system crashes. First the game window freezes. after a few seconds, all of my monitors go completely black, then they turn back on. Only, now, the game window is transparent. In most cases I can still hear the game audio and the game keeps running, but the visuals are gone. When I go into task manager, I can see that my dedicated GPU has been at 100% for ages, and at the point of the crash and after, the GPU usage goes down to zero and I have to restart the game to fix this. The thing is, it
  8. Thanks for the info! I did not know that this was possible.
  9. I get that the device compresses the signal, what I meant was I do not understand how you can send data over a single wire. You need a closed circuit to send any sort of current (and thus a signal)... right? In Linus' video, both the sender and receiver were floating, and there was no way for the two devices' grounds to be tied together. How did he get a video signal over the single wire?
  10. I saw this video from LTT: and they didn't bother to explain how the product actually worked. I had a look on the website, and it seems to say that you usually need two wires to get the sender and receiver to work. They show Linus' video on the website proclaiming that Linus even got this to work with one wire, but it works better with two. My question is, how does this product actually work? Two wires make sense to me, one to tie the grounds together and the other to send data, but how did Linus get this one wire configuration working? Furthermor
  11. Not an ultrabook (Dell Inspiron 15 5000). I think it just has horrible cooling tbh.
  12. Pretty sure opening it up doesn't void the warranty, I had a dell service agent come and repair my keyboard, and he told me that I should add a bit more RAM. Kind of inferring here, but it seems like it's fine to open it up.
  13. I have a Dell laptop with an i7 8550U and a Radeon 530 GPU. This isn't a recent thing, it has been happening since I got it, which was about a year ago (the problem may have increased without me noticing). Every time that I stress test the CPU or even just play a game, the CPU and GPU temps get crazy high, I'm talking above 90 degrees Celcius for the CPU and 84 Celcius for the GPU (furmark stress test and CPU stress test at the same time). If I run a benchmark inside XTU, the maximum temperature is displayed as 99 Celcius. This is with the graphics not being used at all. Basically, both the CP
  14. I bought a microphone, a proper one they use in music performances and stuff. It has XLR out on the bottom, and the cable outputs to a 6.35mm AUX jack on the other end. Only annoying thing is, I don't have anything to plug this into. I want to use this with my computer. I went on eBay and found this (https://ebay.us/qsDibt). It says Headphone in the listing, so I'm not sure whether it will work. I have never used this kind of setup before, so sorry if this is a stupid question... Thanks
  15. That's my mistake, $100 is definitely not high end. Thanks for your suggestion.