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  1. Like i said still in progress and never know i still can make changes if i thinks it's needed i found the missing barrow fitting i forgot i had one more and i need to order more petg and fans too and way more coming after it's like the never ending build this project has turn into and peoples advice is always welcome it doesn't mean il do as some say but it gives me ideas never know?
  2. Amd ryzen 7 3700x Asus rog x370 crosshair VI hero Gskill trident z rgb 16gb 3600 ddr4 Msi gaming x nvidia gtx 1060 6gb Sandisk ultra 2 120gb ssd boot Seagate barracuda 3tb hdd Seasonic focus gold 750w Lianli lan cool one digital gold Ek classic rgb loop changed 240 rad to 360 and gpu waterblock! Will upgrade psu and gpu later on and redo the petg that went a little bad and get a missing barrow fitting to replace the black one still not the way i wanted it to look yet as it's my first full petg build...
  3. Yes i guess so not a piece of art yet still a diamond in the rough as they say still thanks for the comments now ill have to fix all of this and you made me conscious about it more than i was concern with the build too!
  4. yeah i know but some of these things cannot be avoided for now i need to change the tubing the front fittings i did it on purpose clear soft tubing was in the kit but i had petg tubing did not know what to do with it and the zip tie dual sided tape would not work...and the fan at the top was to put a intake front fan but now my tempered glass window was shattered so the fan is useless i did not know where to put it and the rad well it was in the kit lol i should have bought a 360 kit too if i covered all the things you said i am just new in this first time liquid loop user too...i will get be
  5. Ok i get it the black gpu block right you have seen my system before hehe here is the latest picture of it for fun.
  6. i just found out about this would it be compatible with the ek pvc duraclear tubing and would that look better than the cloud white liquid?
  7. Well that figures i could modify the old brackets to fit a new window but to get all the glass out should just buy a replacement...at least my pc is fine haha...
  8. And yes i drop something on the tempered glass that's why...
  9. Like the title says.. but can it be possible to buy just a replacement tempered glass side panel directly from lian li?
  10. Cpu-z latest bench on my system...

    Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.08 -


  11. Trident z rgb 3600 amd edition coming soon found out about the neo version after i bought it... but i only got the x370 c6h,just ordered the ram last week should be here in a couple of days!

    s-l1600 (4).jpg