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  1. UPDATE: I tried again and was unable to get AMD settings to launch again to install drivers. Graphics settings did not recognize dGPU with new vBios but again GPU-Z did. I’m curious if I got a 3400G or equivalent so that it recognizes an AMD Graphics, I could force the drivers to be installed.. thoughts or am I still wasting time?
  2. Interesting find. I believe I did get the drivers updated but I’m not certain, I have since reverted to old bios to still have main driver. I will try to run GPUpi but the question remains on how do I make sure it runs of dGPU and not iGPU
  3. It was an extreme long shot, but after seeing the results when using iGPU display output I had to at least test it.. Current GPU: Unfortunately it does not have a current Spec page on Powercolor but here is an article of release. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Powercolor-releases-Radeon-RX-5700-ITX-compact-GPU-but-only-in-Japan.448590.0.html Model Number for 5700: AXRX 5700 ITX 8GND6-2DH vBIOS Used: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/212204/powercolor-rx5700xt-8192-190616 Model Number for 5700XT: AXRX 5700XT 8GBD6-3DH
  4. So a while ago, Linus did a video on having a mining GTX 1060 card with no display outputs be used by applying the dGPU to the application so that each game would use the GTX 1060 while using the iGPU for display. I know how this is done with NVIDIA cards through the video, but Im curious if this could be done for AMD GPUs. I currently have a RX 5700 that can be flashed to a 5700XT bios, but with that bios flash, it refuses to POST using the gpu display output. BUT when using the iGPU for display I get a post and everything reports correctly on GPU-Z. But I cannot
  5. I unfortunately did not take good notes going forward but here is what I have completed so far!! MK2 "Front" (CPU SIDE) View, pre-tube runs. System is filled and being bled. System is tested and does extremely well. During synthetic loads Max CPU: 68C. Max GPU 55C!! AND 33dB DURING FULL LOADS. Still on the to-do list - drill hole for power button - paint acrylic black - remove psuedo-reservoir with quick disconnect fitting. - Try MK3 to improve bends?
  6. This post starts off lengthy but then picks up to be quicker later. I recommend jumping to THE CASE section if you aren't interested in the thought process and plan. Back Story SO! I am always into the a full pc that takes up very little space on the desk. And I recently moved from a large sit/stand desk to a smaller desk due to some new things in my life. Luckily I have been previously working with the Custmod cases. The Custmod SXM 6.3L is a wonderful case that allows a SFX PSU, ITX motherboard (53mm cooler clearance), and GPU length maximum of 183mm. The SFX power su
  7. Does anyone have a link or something to the modded BIOS flash required to run these chips?
  8. Anyone find anything? From the look at THIS PHOTO it looks like the bykski Terminals have the similar oval connection as the EK terminals. But I'm curious if anyone found from experience
  9. Hello all! I have a very interested Crossfire Build coming up and I’m intered if a dual terminal from EK could theoretically fit on a Bykski block. Are all terminals created equally? Beaides the XSPC ones of course
  10. OzTalksHW has already done videos with the 1030 (here) and 1060 (here) with DifferentSLIAuto which do not require the SLI bridge because these cards do not support SLI or even have the connectors for it. Linus and Anthony also did SLI 1060s with the mining 1060 (no i/o) and a founders card through GPU Driver modding. EDIT/CORRECTION: They used DifferentSLIAuto as well and were unable to get mining card to work with separate drivers between cards. I understand there might be a performance dip, but I'm still confused where you are seeing the issue. I apologize
  11. With PCIe bifurcation and either DifferentSLIAuto or BIOS modding these issues are mitigated. Define splitter that supports SLI
  12. @Electronics Wizardy what about this? It seems you know about the server requirement which is why I ask. Does the Supermicro brand mean its for a specific server or is it just the part? Z370N-Wifi from Gigabyte supports Bifurcation. so with a Riser and DifferentSLIAuto it seems possible
  13. I realize this the bandwidth can't be physically extended with a riser. I'm talking about the required amount for SLI Certification. Which can be overwritten with DifferentSLIAuto.
  14. It seems DifferentSLIAuto completely wipes out SLI certification so the x8 requirement and the SLI motherboard support may be ignored. Just need to see if x16 pcie splitter is possible or if m.2 to x4 is easier
  15. dang. From my research (mainly LTT 980 SLI video) GPUs require a x8 minmum to run. The project was trying to fit dual 2080s (the Asus Turbo card and water blocks allow for single slot) in a SFF case. I know for a fact that GTX 1070 katana could do this but they are impossible to find. It wasn't for convenience or even performance but for straight "because I could." With splitters from m.2 to x4 PCIe then x4 to x16 PCIe splitter, I'm curious if with some BIOS tweak or DifferentSLIAuto will allow for enough bandwidth for the system to run SLI. But like I said above NVI