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  1. thanks everyone i have now decided to go with helios 300
  2. usa , 1200-1300 50%gaming and 50%video/photo editing idk bout the tb3. jst thought bout the things i can do with it
  3. ?Has Problems hmm, thanks for pointing it out. just having better specs doesnt make it better if it has more problems
  4. which other option would you prefer? sorry, i`m a little confused but are saying that u prefer these two laptops?
  5. Which one will you choose between (not on the basis of cost) omen 15, helios 300 and y540 the specs for all three laptops: i7 9750h gtx 1660 ti 16 gb ram 60hz fhd display
  6. Can you use the power of the GPU on your desktop through your laptop? I am using laptop for editing and would like to know if its possible to use the graphic power of my graphic card in my desktop without using an external adapter.