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    Eduard the weeb reacted to colonel_mortis in Add Riot ID to contact methods   
    I'm reluctant to add new contact methods to that list unless there's a clear need for them, and I don't think being used in two games really meets that bar. I'm open to reconsidering in future, but for now I think the freeform biography and about sections should be enough if you do want to direct people to your Riot account.
    (Star Citizen will be removed at some point, if I remember).
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to Haro in Dad joke thread.   
    I have got nothing 
    I don't have dad jokes  
    But Google does

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    Eduard the weeb reacted to SansVarnic in Letters to the LMG team   
    This is what you are looking for.
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to Caroline in linus wallpaper   
    you got it

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    Eduard the weeb reacted to LinusTech in linus wallpaper   
    Was afraid to click this.
    Coulda been much worse.
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    Eduard the weeb got a reaction from Origami Cactus in Why 2017 is the best time to buy an X99 motherboard   
    feel like this was like an infomercial about why I need to buy flex seal 
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    Eduard the weeb got a reaction from CircleTech in Why 2017 is the best time to buy an X99 motherboard   
    feel like this was like an infomercial about why I need to buy flex seal 
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    Eduard the weeb got a reaction from GNU/Linus in NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 2   
    Yeah in a floatplane release he got it to work but other stuff happened
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to Crunchy Dragon in Upgrade to prebuild   
    I don't know anything about any RTX cards lower than a 2060, which takes 6 pin PCIe.
    I suppose some of the RX cards like the 460/560 would be decent options as well.
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to BuckGup in NASA hacked by raspberry pi   
    Cyber security just isn’t routine enough because everyone views it as an extra hassle or nuisance. Should be the top priority. Side not sounds like what mr robot did 
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to bellabichon in Make the LTT Cafe Vanilla advertisement less bright.   
    Ah. I see. I've always found browsing the forums on mobile to be a bit of an ordeal anyways, so it completely went over my head. It is surprising that Apple hasn't implemented any sort of adblock functionality, but I guess that's to do their partners a favor. In that case, the only thing you can really do is switch to light mode, and try not to fry your retinas. It would be cool if they implemented dark-theme ads though. It would allow them to keep the one they already have, and the color correction would just be 5 minutes in PS. 
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to comander in How to prepare for SAT   
    I didn't take the SAT but did do better than roughly 99% of people on the GRE (test to get into Masters and PhD programs; made by the same company and very similar overall, just harder). I did do the ACT in HS with 0 preparation and I believe I got a 32 but I don't recall. 32 to almost perfect GRE is usually considered a huge jump. 
    1. Practice mindfulness mediation. This helps with mind wandering while taking the test. A little goes a long way. 
    2. Get good at the basics first. Be about to do multiplication instantly up to 12. Be able to factor numbers(prime factorizations) up to 100 very quickly. Have a good feel for vocabulary words (if that's tested). Flashcard apps help a lot with this. I like King of Math. For reading, look into active reading and speed reading (for basic tips, don't spend ages on this). When I stopped "subvocalizing" (saying the words in my head) I basically doubled my reading speed overnight. Get good at moving your eyes quickly and summarizing each paragraph in your head. 
    3. Take care of your health in terms of diet, sleep, exercise and stress management
    4. Do a few thousand practice problems. After each problem, immediately review it if you got it wrong. Actively try to figure out how you could have done better. 
    5. After you're very good at doing individual problems do 1-3 actual practice exams to work on pacing. The ideal is to finish with 1-2 minutes to spare in each section and with plenty of time having been used to check your work. 
    Those 5 easy steps could probably get you in to the 1500s assuming you're fairly bright and had a good foundation starting out. For what it's worth I used Magoosh as an online program and Manhattan's advanced GMAT math for more/harder problems. If you can, pressure your parents to pay for a decent prep book or online program (similar to the actual exam but a bit harder). If you get 100 extra points, scholarship money will likely be worth way way more than $20-200 spent ok material. 
    Some misc tips: write down exactly what each question is actually asking for in short hand. This might matter less on the SAT as it doesn't seem to have as many "trick questions". Don't study the night before the exam and avoid stress leading up to it. Sleeping pills the night before is a good idea and caffeine pills during exam day (practice being used to this) might help. Breathing techniques and stress management are good ideas. I did pushups during my break during the GRE. 

    If it takes 100 hours BUT gets you $10,000 in scholarships... your hourly pay is $100 an hour.
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    Eduard the weeb got a reaction from TrxBoy93 in Should I upgrade my CPU or GPU first for gaming PC???   
    Yeah you should upgrade your cpu when you get the money, you have a major bottleneck especially because your cpu is only a dual core.
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to ItsMe!Entropy in Old lens to new camera   
    Old manual lenses don't adapt well to the Nikon F mount. This is because its flange distance (distance from the lens to the sensor) is one of the longest among all the mounts. The effect of this is that if you do find an adapter, you likely won't be able to focus to infinity (greatly crippling the usefulness of the lens).
  15. Informative
    Eduard the weeb reacted to Ashiella in I need help.   
    So as a few of my friends here on the forum have seen from my most recent status-update I was suggested to just create a topic on the forum about it..
    Caution, wall of text incoming.
    I didn't feel like going to school one day I was feeling especially depressed, and my mom bit my cheek, about maybe a 2/10 on the pain scale about equal to a pinch of the cheeks that granny always does.
    My mother knew that it was wrong and immediately scheduled an appointment with a school counselor, we went about 4 hours later ( I had been sleeping ), and the counselor asked both sides of the story, and how my mom wanted to enroll me into a better school for my situation ( I was failing 9th grade with little hope for passing so I needed credit recovery ). I exited the counselors room when asked and sat in the waiting room while they contacted the schools, one of which asked if I was violent, then the counselor supposedly breached the code of ethics and had said to the school what happened between me and my mom and said that my mother was violent. The school proceeded to call the police and they asked me what happened, now I didn't know that the state would press charges if I didnt so I said very clearly I didnt want any charges to be pressed and I wanted to go home that day after I told them everything that happened. My dad was called and I lived with him for about two months, he had control over my money and stole ~200$ from me, the money I was going to use to move out which consisted of a few loans for tech. ( Luckily all 3 of them said just keep it ) I moved back in with my mother after she had calmed down about the incident, I worked out with her that I didn't call the police ( which she thought I did ) and she had gone to a mental hospital for a few days and my older brother had moved back in ( he is 26 ) and nothing particularly interesting happened other than my brother just destroying my room and making everything dirty and unpresentable while I live in the living room. Then today happened. The police knocked on the door and arrested my mom for the incident that happened earlier. She got a mug shot ( so she cannot easily become a counselor which is her dream )and will have to spend money on an attorney for the chance she doesnt go to prison. My brother and mother are both verbally bulling me for telling the police what had happened. They believe it whole-heartedly to be my fault that this is happening. They are mad at me for not knowing something I was never told.
    I'm 16 and my mother is going to kick me out of the house. My dad is homeless. I have no other family or friends that will take me in ( I asked ), and I'm clueless on what to do.
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to JZStudios in Celsius is a poor measurement system, Fight ME!   
    I'm bored. But Celsius is a pretty poor measurement system and there's always clowns telling people that it's better than Fahrenheit. Well let me tell you why you're wrong.
    1. You're just simply used to Celsius. This whole argument really goes both ways.
    2. It's arbitrary, and so is every other temperature scale. It's based on water but... why? What real relevance does that have?
    3. Much like the metric system it's just not that accurate without going into "large" decimal values.
    I mean, think about it. Why use the freezing and boiling point of water as the scale as opposed to something like the phase shift of Iron? There's a thing called the Delisle scale that places waters boiling point at zero and freezing at 150. It's based on the contraction of mercury. Celsius was they same way until they inverted the scale, of which Celsius the man used a Delisle scale.
    Why don't we just use a scale where 0 is Earths average temperature and 100 is the suns average temperature?
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to Rune in Celsius is a poor measurement system, Fight ME!   
    You're right. Kelvin is much better.
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to Rune in Apple's claiming their headquarters is worth only $200   
    Would be a shame if the government needed the land for a highway and forced them off of it, paying them a fair value of $200.
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to Jtalk4456 in Apple's claiming their headquarters is worth only $200   
    So the list of this is that Apple is trying to cut down it's taxes very aggressively. The most recent attempt at this comes in the form of flat out lying about the value of their headquarters. Love or hate apple, this is just stupid.
    So much so that when someone mentioned it, I told myself it was a joke, couldn't be true...
    So TLDR, the tax assessors say the building is worth 1 billion, and apple says, "Nope it's worth the cost of a small portable shed."
    For those who haven't seen it before, this is the building they are claiming to be worth $200

    I'm not saying they're definitely lying... but

    Each of those are solar panels. Most solar panels on a residential scale are about the cost apple is saying the building is worth...
    Also this is not the only case of them trying to devalue property
    It astounds me, and I'm not sure what to say that would be appropriate on this forum...To clarify the 489 open tax appeals stretch back to 2004, meaning there have been unpaid taxes held in court for years!

    Let's end this with a quote from the man himself
    Alternate Title: Apple Moves headquarters to mobile backyard shed 

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    Eduard the weeb reacted to dx321dx321 in Help me configure a pc!?   
    I'd say it would work fine for Fortnight, TF2, pubg, and all of that just fine. I don't have much experience on the editing aspect of your question, but recording might slow your system down a bit. The quad core i3 is a decent little chip, have you considered ryzen at all?
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to spwath in any tips on drinks that help you burn fat, so you can loss weight?   
    Water. Drink more water, and drink a glass before every meal. Helps fill you up and make you eat less.
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    Eduard the weeb got a reaction from AluminiumTech in Fortnite for Android might be a Timed Exclusive for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 upon release   
    I was gonna get really mad then remember I don't play Fortnite often and also I don't  play phone games ( I find them uninteresting ) 
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    Eduard the weeb got a reaction from Taf the Ghost in LTX 2018 Vlog!   
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    Eduard the weeb reacted to Busconian in LTX 2018 Vlog!   
    Delete if not allowed.... But I made a LTX 2018 Vlog! It features Linus unboxing Gucci Sandals, projects they made on their channel, as well as some funny moments!
    Gucci Sandals Unboxing 
    Minutes 1:12 - 7:45

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