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    Results45 reacted to Drama Lama in Experiences with non-techies   
    and he'll probably rant about you for installing a slow drive
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    Results45 reacted to Letgomyleghoe in Experiences with non-techies   
    give him the ssd, charge him for the hdd 
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    Results45 reacted to Schnoz in Experiences with non-techies   
    One of my customers wanted me to repair their 2012 Macbook Pro with a failed hard drive. Thing is, they explicitly refused a speedier, cheaper SSD replacement and specifically asked for an identical 5400 RPM HDD. Why? "Because it's officially certified by Apple." No amount of persuading would convince him to let me install an SSD.
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    Results45 reacted to FloRolf in Experiences with non-techies   
    I guess this is a good place for a 10.000th post so here we go. 
    My GF's mom had her phone reboot because of a software update and after that she couldn't use the phone anymore because she doesn't know her Apple ID and Password, so she contacts her Ex who has all the data (yes, really). 
    So she get's access to her phone back after a couple days. During that time she can't do sh#t because she also doesn't know her emails credentials since she is just Auto-logged-in on her phone and her email also runs off of the server of her ex's company. 
    Me: well this is a great time to make a new email, change it everywhere and set up a password manager! 
    But no! She has a different, genius plan! 
    She just bought a little book and writes all her credentials in it. 
    That's exactly the definition of "NOT a genius plan". What the actual f#ck. 
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    Results45 reacted to valdyrgramr in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    Wow, was not expecting that.  But, to be fair corporations aren't your friend in the long run.
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    Results45 reacted to Kisai in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    You mean Apple's good decisions. You after all don't want someone who steals your phone able to unlock it by swapping the secure enclave with another.
    The thing that Samsung likely botched here is having a process to backup the secure enclave, disable the driver to it, replace it, re-enable the driver to it, and then restore the enclave.
    This is the same thing that happens on Windows laptops if you don't turn bitlocker off before doing various maintenance items. 
    I'm sure Samsung was tired of losing to Apple in the government/business contracts.
  7. Informative
    Results45 reacted to hishnash in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    So you can reset from this using the DFU reset that fully re-flashes the firmware. (warning you do loss all data on the device). You need a mac or a pc with iTurns installed.

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    Results45 reacted to Commodus in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    It's been trying that since 2010! The original Galaxy S was practically conceived as an iPhone knockoff.
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    Results45 reacted to wamred in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    I swear Samsung has been becoming apple lately
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    Results45 reacted to Mnky313 in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    Because the data for biometrics isn't stored on the reader itself. Technically there might be an attack that uses the connector the trick the phone but even if that is possible (which I don't believe it really is) you could just require the pin on reboot (like most phones already do) and that would fix the issue. Or just require the fingerprint to be re-enrolled if it detects the sensor/display has been replaced. There is no reason to completely break functionality like this.
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    Results45 reacted to LloydLynx in Experiences with non-techies   
    My mom constantly confuses SSDs and SD cards. I just got an 860 Evo a week ago and she kept referring to it as an SD card.
  12. Funny
    Results45 reacted to Schnoz in Experiences with non-techies   
    "Macbooks don't get dusty," said someone unironically before I blew an air duster inside their  Macbook and  recreated the entire 1930s Dust Bowl.
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    Results45 reacted to Andreas Lilja in Experiences with non-techies   
    Your mom knows what's a SD card, that's a start. 
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    Results45 got a reaction from Mnky313 in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    Yeah as far as Mr. Jeffreys has tested, only the A51 and iPhone 12 Series have serial-locked parts.
    Apple and Samsung made the leap this year. Wouldn't be surprised if Google and Huawei soon follow suit.
  15. Informative
    Results45 got a reaction from thechinchinsong in Samsung Blocking Third Party Repairs?   
    Yeah as far as Mr. Jeffreys has tested, only the A51 and iPhone 12 Series have serial-locked parts.
    Apple and Samsung made the leap this year. Wouldn't be surprised if Google and Huawei soon follow suit.
  16. Funny
    Results45 reacted to rcmaehl in [Developing] Consumers mass troll 3080 scalpers and potentially cost them in fees   
    It seems some consumers have had enough with scalpers on eBay lately, with reports of people heavily overbidding on 3080 listings and not paying to cost scalpers eBay fees and other inconveniences.

    My thoughts
    Oh god, this is great. Pure popcorn level chaos. Hats off to the madlads risking their existing ebay accounts, ebay fees, and unlikely, but possible, legal action. I salute you and your chaotic goodness.
    Overclock 3D (quote source)
    G-Force Forums
    Greg Salazar
  17. Informative
    Results45 reacted to 514_AppleGuy in Petition to include repairability tests in LTT phone reviews   
    As someone who actually *works* for Apple, I can confirm that the "System Configuration" list above is incorrect. As for display, System Configuration doesn't need to be run, however, any iPhone with Face ID requires display calibration, otherwise Face ID will stop working entirely. 
    Certain previous-gen iPhones also do not require System Configuration for battery replacements, although we always run a battery of tests (pun intended) after each part replacement to avoid returning a customer device with DOA parts (very rare, from my experience).
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    Results45 got a reaction from Lurick in This is the FASTEST Server I've Ever Touched... HOLY $H!T   
    Can you guys feature the 1024-thread DELL EMC PowerEdge C6525 2U server next?
  19. Agree
    Results45 got a reaction from fpo in Petition to include repairability tests in LTT phone reviews   
    I am making this proposal in light of what seems to be a growing number of popular smartphone models that seem to have serialized parts that make it nearly impossible to repair and replace parts without special  "diagnostic unlock" software or tools from the manufacturer.
    This would serve to educate viewers and the wider public at large on which phone models can be repaired at independent repair shops and the reality & affordability of getting a device repaired in the event of damage.
    Really simple idea:
    Buy two of the same model for reviews. Daily drive one of the units for a couple weeks (like reviews as they are now). Open-up both phones after daily drive testing phase. Attempt to swap the screen assembly and cameras between devices to see if the reviewed model contains parts that are serial locked. Integrate everything into a review video.  
    Smartphone Models currently known or suspected to have serialized major components:
    iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20 Plus Galaxy S20 Ultra Galaxy A51  

    https://www.ifixit.com/News/45921/is-this-the-end-of-the-repairable-iphone https://www.cdccellularrepair.com/post/samsung-parts-serialization-what-is-it https://www.reddit.com/r/mobilerepair/comments/jwihf1/galaxy_s20_front_camera_issues/  
    I for one can't bear to think that I might have to pay double for a repair on my folding phone in 2025 because no independent "mom-and-pop" repair shop has the resources to override artificially imposed locks on replacement parts.
    Think this would be a worthwhile?
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    Results45 reacted to FakeKGB in Experiences with non-techies   
    My mom has one of those.
    And thankfully I live in a house where everyone is at least decently tech literate.
  21. Funny
    Results45 reacted to sub68 in Experiences with non-techies   
    so I get a Wacom drawing tablet as a late birthday present from my sister.
    my mom think when ever "tablet" is said its like a ipad and my mom thinks I watch p*rn when something goes on the internet (this last part has nothing to do with the next).
    S for me and m for mom
    m: does tthat go on the internet
    s: no
    m: than what is it
    s: its basically a mouse except drawing on plastic paper
  22. Informative
    Results45 reacted to Schnoz in Experiences with non-techies   
    Well, the old ones could (which is why I love my Penryn-equipped T400). However, Lenovo began removing features that Thinkpad  users really  liked. The sealed keyboard (which helped that laptop survive a night of  rain), magnesium  roll cage, classic keyboard and screen  latch (which helped keep things from slipping in between the screen and keyboard  during transport)  were  all basically removed. In my  opinion, the T series is still a pretty  good  laptop but the  A and SL series are...just on par.
  23. Agree
    Results45 reacted to Schnoz in Experiences with non-techies   
    It started raining in my area recently (you probably already know where this is going)  and I had to take care of this one...
    Someone left their laptop out in the rain with the lid open. Yes,  anonymous laptop user, it is advertised to have a sealed keyboard. No, that does not mean that the laptop is IP68 waterproof.
    Miraculously, it actually appeared to work fine for some reason. They were extremely lucky that there was little wind when it was raining--that could have blown water into the laptop from the sides. Those thick Thinkpads are tough.
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    Results45 reacted to Bitter in Experiences with non-techies   
    Saw the exact same thing and was like NAAWWWWW and grabbed almost the same thing from the room over like LOOOK I HAVE ALIEN TIME BOMBS TOO! GF was not impressed.
  25. Funny
    Results45 got a reaction from DoTr in Experiences with non-techies   
    Average Viewer: It's a piece of alien time-travel tech!
    Me: Um......isn't that an off-the-shelf CPU cooler?