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  1. Does the whole "hack around the PCIe" to get a video output out of old Tesla K40/K80/M40/M60 as well as P104 and CMP 30-40-50-90HX mining cards still worth it? If so then one can build a pretty decent (relatively in 2021) sub-$1500 gaming/workstation rig. "Like New Refurbished" 14-Core 7940X ($350) Used X299 Mobo ($200) Tesla M40 12GB ~ GTX 1070 8GB ($250-$320) Used 2 x dual OLOY or Gskill Aegis 8GB DDR4-3000 RAM kits ~ 32GB total ($120-$140) 1 x Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB M.2-2280 NVME SSD ($110) Seagate EXOS 8TB 7200RPM HDD ($210) Noct
  2. I moved to the Baltimore at the beginning of the pandemic to live with my sister and brought my Chromebook with me instead of my Windows laptop and guess what? Zoom only launches properly if I use Firefox. So there you go. Firefox for Zoom, regular Chrome for Youtube, docs, & email, and Incognito Mode for browsing with the peace of mind that history and cookies will be automatically deleted when I close the window.
  3. Doesn't look like anybody else has a thread on this yet so here goes......... https://www.anandtech.com/show/16575/intels-x86-designs-no-longer-limited-to-intel-on-intel-ip-blocks-for-foundry-cores-on-tsmc EDIT ~ even more details from TechTechPotato: It looks like Intel is aiming to offer TSMC/Samsung/GloFlo-style foundry capacity to clients wanting orders of custom x86 and RISC processors by 2023 and maybe even FPGA, MIPS, Power, analog, and other kinds of architectures later on. So........my iPhone, laptop, eGPU, PS5, PC
  4. Recommended headphone megalist: http://a.co/cq0vCLK

  5. Does PCIe 4.0 mean more bandwidth per lane for Thunderbolt?
  6. Yeah as far as Mr. Jeffreys has tested, only the A51 and iPhone 12 Series have serial-locked parts. Apple and Samsung made the leap this year. Wouldn't be surprised if Google and Huawei soon follow suit.
  7. Sorry to necro, but I had to share this one: The seller's name explains a lot:
  8. How about a dedicated video on LTT or Tech Quickie addressing the growing cost and difficulty for "unauthorized" individuals and independent repair shops to repair everyday electronic devices? Case-in-point: Apple & Samsung products.
  9. I am making this proposal in light of what seems to be a growing number of popular smartphone models that seem to have serialized parts that make it nearly impossible to repair and replace parts without special "diagnostic unlock" software or tools from the manufacturer. This would serve to educate viewers and the wider public at large on which phone models can be repaired at independent repair shops and the reality & affordability of getting a device repaired in the event of damage. Really simple idea: Buy two of the same model for reviews. Daily dri
  10. That hoodie looks like it was designed by Riley, James, or Jake. Can easily imagine any one of them wearing that 24/7.
  11. Can you guys feature the 1024-thread DELL EMC PowerEdge C6525 2U server next? .
  12. If you guys do another video on the upgraded LIQUID server with extra storage, can you try running Crysis on all 128 cores/256 threads using SwiftShader?
  13. 9700K performance + a XB1X grade GPU in what could be a 48W package!!? Not surprising, but it will be insanely good.
  14. Not only technology literacy, but a willingness to use it readily and engage the wider public in policy-making as well. Look up Audrey Tang and vTaiwan.
  15. Would you mind taking a look at tri-folding keyboards and low-profile mechanical keyboards? #1: iClever/Pluggable fullsize tri-folding keyboards iClever Pluggable more reviews: I own the iClever "full-size" version and can say that it has the most tactile scissor switches I've ever had the pleasure to type on ~ better than any laptop keyboard I've ever used. #2: HAVIT Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard [87-key version] https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0722GG88M/ [full 104-key version] https://www.amazon.com/
  16. Man, the faces of strain, pain, and anguish: .
  17. In terms personal computing tech arriving in the near future there have many fascinating developments this year: satellite internet competitive with cable in both speed and latency, affordable VR headsets, 10,000PPI OLED displays, and holographic monitors among them. Can 2020 get any more tantalizing? Well apparently a startup called Noveto aims to enable private and wireless audio listening without headphones: As far as I can tell the concept is similar to beam-forming on Wi-Fi
  18. Average Viewer: It's a piece of alien time-travel tech! Me: Um......isn't that an off-the-shelf CPU cooler?
  19. I wonder if there's going to be enough stock of the 3090 and 6900XT by mid-December for the average Joe to walk into Best Buy and pick one up? Or are both likely going to sold out and on back order until after New Year's?
  20. D.A.N.G. Apparently one can get an additional 10% performance through Radeon Boost.
  21. Here's how I expect the cards to stack up: OC'd RX 6900XT <~=~> RTX 3090 RX 6800 & 6800XT <~=~> RTX 3080/3080TI/TITAN RTX RX 6700 & 6700XT <~=~> RTX 3070/3070TI/2080TI RX 6600XT <~=~> RTX 3060/2080 Super RX 5700XT & 6500XT <~=~> RTX 3050/2070 Super/1080TI Pretty sure neither Nvidia nor AMD are going to have lower-midrange cards out until Christmas or maybe even as late as early February after CES.