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  1. The bot is such a cheater, hope he gets banned by Blizzard.
  2. There is nothing free in this world, also for that mouse? Shipping is about 20 bucks, so you're practically paying for the mouse.
  3. I've missed you all, how you all? 

  4. Upon update it's just a little banner at the top notifying you that they've updated their Terms of Service with the games addition, but you can just click it away and it's gone for good. By litle, I mean literally tiny.
  5. you need computers and technology to run them...... this isnt the 50s where people just plugged in a cash machine
  6. they gotta prepare EMPTY SPACE for HORSE and SHACK DLC
  7. S: BBC | Facebook Blog This is fairly new, last 5 minutes. Facebook is currently investigating 50m users that was left vulnerable to a critical security flaw with a feature known as "View As" which allowed some attackers to gain access to the account. The breach was uncovered on Tuesday and Facebook has informed the authorities. The flaw has been "fixed" Facebook's statement in their blog post. I find it funny they say peoples privacy is important, but they keep fucking up OVER AND OVER AGAIN.