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  1. thanks for your help means a lot. now i can order in peace...
  2. This may sound a bit weird but my budget depends on my grades in school. if i do good then my budget can be a little higher than the current list and if i do bad it could be lower. currently my budget is at a maximum of 1100 Canadian dollars and it could go up or down depending on grades in school. So considering this can you folks recommend some parts a bit more expensive and some a bit cheaper than the current list. Also i am trying to get an x370 board for my future sli or crossfire plans. And as always, thanks for your help.
  3. Hello guys, I am new to pc building and i had a build in mind that i wanted to discuss. Here it is and can you guys please tell me how good it is? the cpu im planning on adding is the ryzen 5 1500x and gpu is hopefully going to be the cheapest rx vega or rx 580. I will use the rx 480 i the list so it is easier for you guys to get pricing or performance ideas. cpu: ryzen 5 1500x Mobo: Msi x370 sli plus gpu: Msi armor rx480 8gb cooler: stock amd cooler ram: corsair vengance lpx 16gb 3000ghz psu: corsair cx750 case: nzxt s340 case fans: corsai