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  1. Ok, thanks! I'll reconfigure things to work with a single switch again. About those gigabit ethernet switches, though. Are there any that you would recommend for home use?
  2. It was actually adaptive load balancing, not balanced-SLB (my bad, sorry about that). On the link aggregation mode page, it says that it "does not require any special network-switch support". Maybe HTTPS just doesn't want to work with link bonding?
  3. Both computers were using LAN cables attached to the same switch (they sit right next to each other). The switch is a Netgear FS105. Since it's an unmanaged switch, I set up link aggregation using the Balanced-SLB mode.
  4. Using window's networking and sharing center, it managed to move about 500 GB over the course of 4 days. It was saying 12 Kb/s up to around day 2, then dropped to 9 Kb/s, then even less. I'm the only one in the house that's set up to use the NAS right now, and my family wasn't heavily using the wi-fi at the time.
  5. Hey guys, I know this isn't exactly a PC problem, but I'm having some trouble with a NAS I just set up; and I could really use some help. I'm new to working on networks, so please bear with me on this. After running out of storage space on my PC, I built a NAS to act as my own personal cloud server for my files. Setting up the unit was easy, but considering that it's gonna hold the bulk of my personal files and data, I wanted to set its security up properly before I headed back off to college without it. First, I tried to encrypt the connection by using Syn
  6. Ok, I think I'll give that one a shot. Thanks for all the help!
  7. Hey guys, I decided to set up Samsung Dex so I could still use my phone while I'm on my PC. But even through the 3.0 ports, my phone tends to charge very slowly while it's plugged in. On a lot of the newer prebuilt PCs, I've noticed that they started coming with "high-powered USBs" (with the little lightning bolt) or "Fast charging ports" built in. Like this: I've been doing a lot of research online for an upgrade. But all I've been able to find are external charging peripherals; most of which don't carry data at all. Does anyone know if it's possible
  8. So I've got good news and bad news. I reconnected the display connector, and I was able to see the Lenovo logo pop up! The screen is working great! ... And then the computer hit me with a BSOD. It said that auto repair couldn't fix it, even after about 3 full restarts. Any ideas on what to do next? bruh.mp4
  9. Ok, I'll open it up later this afternoon. Thanks for all the help man, couldn't have done it without you!!
  10. Good news, it was a display issue! I hooked it up to one of my monitors and it connected just fine. I don't have a lot of experience working on laptop hardware though. Do you have a link to a tutorial I could use for replugging the screen?
  11. What pdf are you referencing? Is it a user manual for the laptop? If you're having trouble getting over the file limit, you could upload it to google drive and paste the link as a reply.
  12. I re-uploaded it and changed the link out in the original post. The new one is working fine on my end. https://imgur.com/a/6BVeQJk
  13. Sorry about that, imgur uploaded it without sound by accident
  14. Here's a video of the laptop when I start it up. Beyond the beeping and the LEDs, it doesn't really do much else. I don't know what my brother did to it while he was in school, but I suspect he may have damaged the hardware somehow. Laptop keeps beeping and won't start https://imgur.com/a/6BVeQJk