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  1. I was thinking of upgrading my new Dell XPS 9500's 8gb of ram to 32gb of ram, the processor is the i7-10yada-yada-yada if it somehow matters. The most intensive thing I'm doing is running VM(s) with VMware for Eve-NG to practice my cisco networking. My choice Recommended by someone else Note: I realize the recommended RAM by someone else is actually 3200MT/s but the laptop is probably going to downclock it so it's semantics.
  2. No, especially if you're actually using your PC, which you are here. Computers in general will shutdown to prevent damage to the CPU from occuring, there's a lot of reasons why you might want to have a cooler PC but it's no reason to run out to your local computer store and purchase a new cooler.
  3. The number you see on the box is called the Phyrate. It's calculated by PHY Rate (bps) = (Number of Bits Transmitted)/(Symbol Time+Guard Interval) = (N∗B∗R∗S)/(Tb+GI) Where: Number of Carriers Per Channel = N Bits per symbol = B Foward Error Correction (FEC) Rate = R Guard Interval = GI Number of MIMO Spatial Streams: S Symbol Time = Tb PHY Rate is the maximum rate at which the data can be transmitted for Wi-Fi products. Of course as a consumer you don't need to know this, but it's how they got the number of 300Mbps for your
  4. I'm in Canada,the motherboard is a MSI Tomahawk Max B450 and the case is NXT NXZT510. The case has a front panel usb-c and a front panel USB-A socket. Attached is what the case manual says. Do I need that Gen 2 on my motherboard in-order for my front panel usb-c to work? Or just for the speed? Could I buy a PCI-E adapter to plug in the front panel Gen 2? Or could someone recommend me a motherboard around the same price range with a USB 3.1 Gen 2 header?
  5. Why not use your position as an influencer and tweet them? Naming and shamming typically works wounders, especially if you carry clout online.
  6. One idea is "flipping". Check out craigslist and see what items that are relatively cheap that people are selling. Then go to the thriftstore, find something similar for a low price and sell it on craigslist for a higher price.
  7. Speak with your parents, explain to them that you really want these shoes and that you're willing to do work around the house to save up for them. To be honest $350 is a lot for a pair of sneakers, you're 13 and still growing so they may not fit you next year. I'd recommend not buying them, but saving up for something that wont fall a part in a years time.
  8. Don't try selling all your stuff like other people have said.
  9. Yeah, no way Google would hire a company such as this to preform penetration testing on their services/top users. When you have a company do penetration testing it's a private matter. You don't want to announce to the world you can be hacked or that you have an exploit. It's most likely the the network Omnia was hacked and their youtubers accounts were subsequently accessed either through the network it's self or by obtaining the youtubers stored passwords if for some reason they're stored in plain text on Omnias servers (bad move on Omnias part). Interestingly the videos for H3H3 which are le