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  1. I already tried lifting the reservoir by 30 inches! The bubble in Front of the inlet floats into the pump but it still isn‘t sucking it!
  2. I Unterstand, but Linus did it just like me!
  3. No I am pretty sure that I have done it correct! It gets water from the reservoir through the center hole and pushes it down (I inverted the pump)!
  4. Yes I am sorry, they are attached now above!
  5. Alright here are some photos of the desk. On one photo you can see the overview which is similar to the way Linus did it. On another you can see the tubing under the table. The loop order is (also similar) res (1) -> pump -> pump -> rad -> rad -> cpu -> gpu -> res (2) -> res (1) On the last photo you can see what I consider the problem: The pump isn´t sucking water, because it´s half filled with air! Even when I lift the reservoir 50 cm, the pump isn´t working properly! It is not running dry, but it isn´t pumping water.... I tried all ideas I got, d
  6. Alright, just started the 7th try flushing the loop and it still won´t work... I think I´m done with this project.. @LinusTech isn´t telling anything about flushing the loop in his diy which makes me a little bit angry, but to continue working on it won´t make more sense when there is noone with an idea.. Thx for your help..
  7. I know, it would be muchhh easier if the res would be above but easy isn´t funny.. hahaha I checked in and out three times, should be correct.. For the d5 by ekwb the inlet is on the side and outlet under it.. I will try disconnecting some tubing in the middle of the loop to scam the gravity I will report later, but ty!
  8. Ok just tried that and it didn´t work :I I lifted the res around 50 cm above the pump and the pump ist still filled with half water and half air.. I am pretty clueless, because I don´t even know how @LinusTech built the loop... Is anyone having an idea how to refer with the problem ://///???
  9. Thanks for the repy, was a few days away from home so I couldn´t answer.. I tried it with both reservoirs either and it still won´t work I attached a pictrue on which you can see that the res was full, but when I started the pump I also opened it, I just closed it for the pic... The loop goes: Res (full) -> pump -> pump -> rad -> rad -> cpu -> gpu -> res (empty) -> beginning I tried it with both or just one open res.. I just started the first pump, because I didn´t want the second pump to run dry... The pump is simply not taking the w
  10. Hi guys, I started my desk pc project a few weeks ago.. It is built similar to the desk diy by linus, he published earlier this year. As I started filling it today I ran into a huge problem: The first pump doesn´t get water, even when I lift the reservoir! Is anyone having any idea what could help? Thanks, Nik
  11. Is there an official floating diagram? @LinusTech
  12. Short question about the loop: The float diagramm -which is only shown short- :I you seems like it would be only one loop and the pumps are very close to each other (only separated by one reservoir). Is that correct? And how did you attach the pumps to the system? You showed the pwm hub for the fans, but what about the pumps? How are they connected?