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  1. Alright, so basically here is what happens: I connect the pen for the first time (the bluetooth function) and it works for a while (5 minutes tops) After this time period, the bluetooth has disconnected and as a result the "Magic" button no longer functions, but writing, erasing, and using the "right click button" still works. I've tried to delete and reinstall pen drivers, that hasn't worked. Reconnecting is even worse, since my Surface Pro 3 only shows that it is connected for a split second and then goes back to paired. I've also power cycled the Pro 3, and that hasn't helped. The closest I
  2. But then there is also a hub that supports two usb plugs, one regular sd card, 2 micro sd card, and there is one more plug that is micro usb (just to help power devices since it can be too much load from one usb port)
  3. Hmm, I have a webcam, Fifine microphone, a monitor (it has a built in hub) and plugged into the monitor hub is my wireless mouse and keyboard dongles (although my keyboard is off since I have a type c cable attached all the time.)
  4. Hey guys, basically nearly everytime I turn on my pc after it's been off for a while (minimum 5 minutes) It'll boot, lock screen, then after a minute I log in it BSOD on me. Now I don't even finish logging in, like just input the pass and hit enter, and as it's "loading/validating my pass" it BSOD (Only Driver Power State Failure). DUMP files should be in this same post/msg. My PC: Windows 10NT MOBO is MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX Ryzen 5 3600 (Watercooled) EVGA GTX 970 SC (Watercooled, this issue still happened when it was still aircooled with stock) 32 gigs of dd
  5. So pretty much before the latest update of my phone (ROG 1, by ASUS) the fan would be detected when I plug it in and work. Now when I plug it in it just gives me this error message (insert picture.) My phone is up to date, and and this point I literally don't know what to do.
  6. So pretty much I have my hands on a somewhat decent entry level PSU (it's by xtreme gaming, i've used it for a while and easily handled high power tasks continuously) and I also have an i7 2600, and a gtx 760. I plan for this to be a cheap gaming pc and a NAS at the same time for my lil bro to use (while I use the NAS part for my videos) Question is, I need to get a motherboard and think this one might do fine, but I'm not sure: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-M5DCD-OptiPlex-390-LGA-1155-Socket-H2-DDR3-SDRAM-Desktop-Motherboard/382508638111?hash=item590f4a9f9f:g:a08AAOSw72Na13~U
  7. I should've also included that this is for a dslr camera rig, not for pc
  8. Pretty much the title and plus a device that would make it louder when I am listening the microphone
  9. Title + I have an i7 4770, gtx 970, and 3 drives in total.
  10. I just got Taskbar Hide, you can still use the start menu even if it is hiding the taskbar