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  1. I am in need of a download software that can be used to download other than You Tube. Currently I use Video Downloader Ultimate works great for most you tube videos. I am in a private membership site and the app does not recognize the videos. Also I use Camtasia to record the video but it is taking way too long! So is there anything I can do to download these video trainings or has the owner have it setup where it is not possible to download his training videos? Thanks for any help Robert
  2. I do not remember what the cpu's the dell and theAsus have...my brain is so fried from video reviews, to talking to these companies.Thank you for the comparison graph there was not too much difference between the i and the i5. For what I am learning to do the i5 for $699 might just be fine. Thanks again for your support
  3. I really don't want to spend the extra money for i7 7500 if the i5 can o the job. I make 2 to 4 minute you tube videos and that is about it I am not even sure how much more the i7 is. But I was talking to dell and they had me up to $1800 and I thought that was a lot. I am looking at an Asus for $699 with pretty good specs and good reviews on Amazon I do plan to make power point slide shows and use Camtasia to make a video out of it.
  4. From expereince had 2 -1TB WD fail. Oh they did give me free replacments under their warranty but what a hassle! I only buy Seagate. They have excellent customer service.
  5. My 7 year Asus laptop is dying so I need to buy another one My needsare very simple (I think). I am starting to travel and just need a laptop that can organize my photos and do light video editing on the fly (maybe). Must I really pay for the going trend of thin and light? It seems very expensive to me. This Asus I love was i5, Nvidea graphics card, up graded to 8gigs of ram and weighs 1.78 pounds lbs.a dnI paid $550 from Amazon. I am trying to find something similar without the big price tag Is it possible?