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  1. You know, I've never liked these home assistant devices, and this just gives me more of a reason to despise them. Hard pass for me (again). Ignorance isn't inherently a bad thing, we're all ignorant about something. Ignorance is merely a lack of knowledge. That's not an attack, it's barely even an insult. Saying someone is ignorant is not the same as saying someone is stupid. I swear, it's like people don't even understand language anymore.
  2. Well, you convinced me. Calling me dumb definitely proves your point. Great work. Not until December 14th. The Electoral College decides that, not the AP, no matter how much Google and the media may proclaim it to be true. I'm not going further than that, nor making any statements on the validity of the elections, just declaring the fact that the election isn't over until the EC votes.
  3. What are you talking about? Where did I say anything about "choosing my own facts"? What I've said repeatedly is that I don't want the media companies choosing for me. I prefer to think for myself. Again I say, what the heck are you talking about? Where did I say anything about a cure?
  4. And my point is that you can't always trust "experts", either. Go back and read what I wrote again. Odd stories here and there. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. My point stands alone, those were simply references to some of the reasons I came to conclusion I did. Jesus. There's no one else I trust implicitly. You can write me off as a "religious kook" if you want, but I'll always have skepticism towards any story I hear, especially when the media are promoting it. If the media tell me the sky is blue, I'll go look for myself. And even if it is blue, I'll question their mot
  5. Yes, because scientists are never wrong or biased. We can always trust them. I grew up hearing "bologna causes cancer" and "red M&M's cause cancer", amongst other nonsense. I learned early on to take what "science" says with a massive grain of salt, especially when promoted by the media. Do you really believe shoving those views out of sight will make them go away? If people believe it, then they're going to believe it no matter what you do to stop them from talking about it. In fact, it's more likely that stopping people from talking about a subject will just enc
  6. I was very confused when I first read the title. Vermeer is an agriculture utility manufacturing plant from a town near where I grew up.
  7. I was referring to their software implementation. It's just the general DX12 RT, instead of unique programming that requires their hardware. Hopefully there will be optimizations for AMD cards, but it won't be dependent on unique AMD hardware to run.
  8. Technically speaking, yes. However - as is typical with Nvidia - they throw in their own proprietary tech that requires their hardware. Some games may work, some may be tricked into working, but I wouldn't be surprised to see games which will not run ray-tracing on AMD cards at all (not without patching, at least), because of the Nvidia implementation. Now, if we see games that only do RT on AMD cards and are blocked from running on Nvidia cards, I'll eat my hat. Oh, I know that. Technically, ray-tracing has been around for decades, there just wasn't hardware to handle i
  9. What involvement are you referring to? Per the OP, they've only been mentioned because the external IP was traced back to them. If PIA did their jobs right, then there shouldn't be any logs to subpoena. That won't stop the lawsuit from attempting it, though. I don't see how that implies any behavior - good, bad or otherwise - on the part of PIA.
  10. AMD's "brand" of DXR is just the DX12 implementation of it. Nothing special or unique to their hardware. There may be some specific optimizations for their cards, but the API is hardware agnostic.
  11. They could, but they typically will put their focus on the heavy seeders.
  12. The thing is, most of the time they limit these lawsuits to people who are SEEDING the torrent, not just those who are downloading it. This is how the RIAA operated, when they were suing people left and right. I've no doubt this case is handled the same way.
  13. I think you're confusing it with the 1660 Ti. I can find absolutely no evidence of a 2060 Ti. The only RTX card with the Ti designation, was the 2080 Ti.
  14. Did you mean 2070? There wasn't a 2060 Ti that I'm aware of, unless it was something region locked.
  15. I have a coworker that was interested in the Quest 2, until he heard about the FB account requirement. I'll have to mention this to him the next time we work together.
  16. I've personally been happy with my H&K P2000, even though I don't carry it very often. I typically carry my Ruger instead, because it's smaller (single stack) and easier to conceal while at work. If I could conceal the P2000 easier, I'd much rather carry it every day.
  17. Wait, wait, wait. WCCF is claiming a leaker has a "stellar record"? BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  18. You act like we're communist China. Corporations here are not extensions of the government. Some do work with the government, but even then it doesn't mean they're automatically going to sell out their customer base. Your "argument" is nothing more than a pithy quip, lacking any real substance. That's not even conjecture, that at minimum requires an argument to be put forth. His statement assumes those reading will be like minded with him, and that he doesn't need to explain because the reader will infer it for themselves.
  19. Honestly, strobe function works great for disorienting opponents. I still haven't picked up a good one myself that has it, but I'm looking. I presently have one that doubles as a taser, but that portion of it has stopped working, unfortunately (it was a cheap one anyway).
  20. Sheesh, take it down a notch, would you? We're all here in this thread to just have some fun and discuss a hobby we all enjoy.