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  1. Hey guys, Recently, my computer has started to bluescreen while I'm gaming with the WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR and no error code. I'll paste the resulting Event Viewer XML below. As far as I can find online, it is a hardware problem. I have tried AIDA 64 Stability test on the CPU with no problem, furmark for ages and the GPU seems fine. Memtest for 30hrs with no issues. I have tried a different ssd for a couple days and there were no bluescreens but when i switched back to my original ssd, the bluescreens didnt return, for a couple days at least. The last thing i was able to test is rem
  2. I usually have my ram in slots 2 and 4 as slot 1 is blocked by my cooler. I've had it in this configuration since I built the PC many months ago. I just tried a single ram module in slot 3 and nothing changed unfortunately. BSOD with a stop code of: UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION
  3. This has been going on for a while and I don't know what set it off. Below is a description of the problem and the steps I've taken so far. My computer keeps crashing usually during gaming but for a while it was just as it booted too. The error messages are usually "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" , "SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION" and "UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION". Sometimes as the PC crashes it's accompanied by some beeping from my headphones/speakers. Steps I've taken to fix this include: 1. Running DISM and SFC commands: initially nothing came up but after a few more cr
  4. So basically I want a one cable solution so I can connect my PC and my Mac to the same peripherals. For the PC however, I would like G-sync to work. It would connect with USB C directly to my 2080 graphics card. If anyone has any recommendations or just know that it would work that would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. i tried another power supply and the problem still exists
  6. i did a clean install and everything was fine. once i started loaded my applications on (all downloaded again so it was the latest version) including my steam library, i started noticing it again in games.
  7. I updated the BIOS after noticing the problem. ill grab a spare ssd and run my pc off that and see what happens. ill keep you updated.
  8. I've attached the output of WhySoSlow. I haven't noticed any crashes, only popping, stuttering and drop outs in audio. If i'm watching a video, the audio will generally go out of sync. I've uninstalled any updates going back to the 16th of March. SFC/SCANNOW returned: Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. chkdsk returned no problems DISM returned: No component store corruption detected. Can't think of anything else to do. WhySoSlowOutput.htm
  9. BIOS is up to date Latest Chipset Drivers installed HPET enabled The problem still persists. Any other suggestions? I don't have access to either of these. Is there anything else i can do?
  10. As of last week, I've started noticing random stuttering in audio and occasionally video. This has made it close to impossible to watch any video weather it be on youtube or offline. I can't game or even listen to music without being interrupted. i've done some research on the topic and can't seem to understand what's causing it. I've run LatencyMon and it's given me the following output. Your system appears to be having trouble handling real-time audio and other tasks. You are likely to experience buffer underruns appearing as drop outs, clicks or pops. One problem may be related