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  1. I tried that with the scan for unknown, then load a level and scan for change, rinse and repeat and i could never get it lower than a few thousand values, and even then when i did a quick scan though i coulnd't see anything which resembled level info (I cant remember exactly what it said but it was something which was along the lines of not in use?) Also some of the levels dont start when the map loads, instead the timer starts when a sound plays and stops when a sound plays rather than unloading of the map, so i was trying to find those values in game but i have no idea how to search for
  2. Hi all I have spend the last 3 hours going around and around in circles trying to figure this out and i have gotten nowhere im trying to detect when a level loads, and when sounds play on a game so I can then make a auto splitter for speed running. i have tried everything i can find online to try get memory values using cheatengine, as thats supposedly the way to go. but now i just feel like im doing the same things which i did an hour ago without realizing. the game is Nerf Arena Blast, its a free down
  3. Hi Team I have a magic mirror install, with a calendar module installed The problem is the module doesn't have overflow functionality (if there are too many events for a day it just puts a +1 or +2 etc at the bottom of the list I looked at the support for it and the dev doesnt want to add any scrolling features as its too much for a raspberry pi to handle (apparently) and even those of us who dont use it on a pi (myself) he wont support Iv been looking into the code and so far have been able to use css to detect which divs have overflowed events, and put a scroll tag on that di
  4. I was looking at the Arctis pro wireless as it appears to be deigned to do both BT and wireless at the same time, unlike most other headphones which is 1 or the other Also like the 9X doesnt appear to have a chat mix option?
  5. Hi all I have been given a rare opportunity at work to be able to move to work from home in a full time position, Benefit of being forced to work from home for a month due to lockdown has shown that I dont need to be in the office for most of my job, so i managed to convince them to let me stay at home full time. Because of this though ill need to upgrade my home rig a little, mainly my headset At the moment im using just a basic usb headset and it does fine for what I need, but i want to get something more comfortable, and suited for work and play But this is where my probl
  6. hmm yeah its like an extra $20 to go from sata to nvme m.2 I guess its worth it? 250GB
  7. I just found the cheapest 8gb sticks, which just happens to be 2666 Looking at a crucial ssd Player count at the moment is around 3-10 on average depending on day / time I dont expect it to grow much but as people invite friends there will be a steady growth But as i said they are all explorers, so often id get 2 or 3 people going out different directions hammering the chunk generation which is where my problem started I did ask them to slow down and it was ok when it was 2 of them, but add a 3rd and things started to slow, 4th and often there would be timouts
  8. cool, Ram i have 16GB in mind, i guess it doesnt matter too much about what type? looking at 2666mhz? Also my question about raided ssd's for write performance, would that help at all? or is that a bit too overpowered for what im expecting I never did a test to see if they were a bottleneck or not
  9. cheapest one i can find on our local markets is nearly $500 Unless i go ebay but those take about a month on average to ship out + we have delays due to our country being in lockdown so would be more like 6-8 weeks to get here
  10. hmm ok so the site im looking at buying from has it listed as no boost haha So im looking at cost vs boost a i3-9100 at $220 boosting to 4.2 vs a i5-9600KF at $360 boosting to 4.6 Is it worth the extra $140 for that slightly higher boost?
  11. so i need to look at the turbo boost clock? i3 @ na i5 @ 4.1?
  12. but im looking for a high clock count as well? So eg a i5-9400 at 2.9 wouldnt do better than a i3-9100 at 3.6? Not the best at hardware ill admit haha
  13. id rather spend the money and host myself, than use a shared host id still have the same problems with a shared host unless i get a overpowered CPU + RAM combination from them, which would cost more than just getting the hardware in the first place
  14. but my understanding is correct of get like a 4 core but a high clock? im currently comparing on cpubenchmark.net and looking at the single threaded performance to see whats better Looking at their rankings for single threaded as well to see whats near the top that I can get here in NZ Is that a good strategy? or wrong thought process?
  15. I have a block around the common areas which is already loaded, is when a player decides they want to go out to 1million blocks out I just dont have the disk space to pre-load all that area haha