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  1. Those temps are not even remotely close to worrying, unless you're on a solid custom loop they're actually very good. Most graphics settings hit the GPU, not the CPU so changing those doesn't do much for your 2600X.
  2. And that is why you use a clone. Spending a week wrestling Windows (or even a few days, I've spent 3+ days trying to get a windows install to work before just clean installing anyways) is pointless when you can just take a few hours to reflash that clone from last Saturday before x thing changed and broke it all.
  3. Most techies at least are used to reinstalling Windows. Usually when it fucks itself it's way easier to just reinstall than to spend 3 days wrangling it back to semi-working before it finishes the job a month later. That's why some people get out ahead of the curve and just regularly reinstall Windows every 6-12 months.
  4. Branded merch made by other companies is pretty rarely built to the quality of the company's own products, a lot of the time it's a shitty cash grab though there are exceptions. As the others said, this is probably ok speakers shoved into a box with a lambo logo.
  5. ASUS' first gen X99 boards beg to differ. Would randomly feed 2v or more into the CPU, were never fixed either (thus why you should avoid them even second hand). Even some pretty beefy water setups that was a death sentence for many 5960Xs in X99 Rampage Vs. I actually had a 5960X for a while that came out of a Rampage V, perfect visual condition but an absolute brick. Nice paperweight I guess. Stands to reason if modern boards derped similarly, they'd kill a CPU no matter the cooling solution.
  6. Buy the new motherboard for your 5900X, take out the X470 you have now and keep the 2700X in that? Seems the far simpler solution.
  7. Simple solution, just keep a regularly updated clone of the machine if you're that worried. If it borks itself, copy the clone back over. I have a clone of my system on a mostly fresh install so if it fucks itself over to hard I don't have to start from completely square one, but I also don't have all the clutter I tend to accumulate over the months between reinstalls (tend to reinstall Windows one or two times a year, usually just to get a clean slate).
  8. I'd just do a straight clone to an external HDD (not SSD, not USB stick, if those fail you can't recover the data, whereas you can get the data off an HDD platter if the drive fails). Ton of free tools to do so, and it'll do essentially an exact copy of your entire system, usually you can even boot from them.
  9. Zando Bob

    Managed to snag a Xeon 6248 from the scrap bin…

    You... have an LGA3647 motherboard? At best it would be around the same, it's not ringbus but is slightly higher turbo, if you manually OC the 6800K that advantage instantly goes away.
  10. I would assume it does, everything 8th gen and up should have TPM built in to the CPU itself, depending on default BIOS settings you may or may not need to enable it though.
  11. 10600K would be fine, 11600K if you can get one for a similar price. I wouldn't go for a 10700K unless you're just worried about cores/threads and feel like a hexacore doesn't quite cut it, core for core they're the same chip and IIRC the 10700K doesn't clock any better, so it's just 2c/4t more.
  12. You can put the point of a screwdriver up to the pump housing and then rest the rounded handle against the bone above your ear and feel/hear if the pump itself is making any noise. It's the most likely culprit, and if you don't wanna troubleshoot further, or do and it is the pump failing, then just RMA the cooler.
  13. Is the AIO pump making noise/vibrations (it should if it's working)? Pump death is relatively common on AIOs. The rapid - but not instant - overheat is what I would expect if the system is heating the coolant, but the AIO just doesn't circulate it through the radiator to cool it back down.
  14. Sounds like the AIO degrading, happens but usually not this fast. I have no idea how quality the MSI units are though. For the temps, what are they under load? Zen 2/3 chips just have high idle temps, it's how they run. Load temps are what matter, if they go out of AMD spec (or you're manually OCing and they get to the 90s or so) then it's a worry, otherwise you're fine.
  15. Tried unplugging the mouse/keeb/any other USB devices and seeing if it boots fine? https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?60333-New-Build-POST-ERROR-B4 This is with a Maximus VII, but ASUS uses standard codes across their boards. B4 is a USB Hot Plug error, from some other threads looks like it could be a USB controller or CMOS battery fuckup, but removing USB devices is a good first step.
  16. Uh. The IMC is just that, an IMC. Integrated Memory Controller. It's on the CPU, punch too much voltage through it and bake the thing, and your CPU is now bricked as it can no longer talk to RAM (something it needs to even POST). That said, pretty sure most IMCs on Intel's side have handled up to 1.6v fine, though Intel official spec has remained 1.35v for years now. For Ryzen I'm not sure. Just... really something worth double checking. Hopefully someone with more knowledge/experience on Ryzen drops by, I mostly wanted to correct the post above.
  17. Zephyrus, if it's anything like the G14 it'll be incredible (from all the reviews I have seen, it is). Razer has the slightly better CPU but worse RAM/SSD options it seems, plus Razer has had a horrid track record with QC for a good few years now.
  18. BCLK is on the mobo northbridge IIRC, the voltage that effects it is not vCore. I forget what one it is tho, haven’t booted up any of my X58 stuff in a year or so, but yeah not vCore. Upping Uncore as much as possible will help a lot too, improves general snappiness and also ups bench scores slightly. Though yep, solid first foray, and you’re pulling damn solid numbers already for a 5650, they clock poorly due to being a low bin/locked low multi. 4-4.2 is usually what you’ll get out of them.
  19. XPS 13/15 laptops should work, and they're a really compact form factor, similar to current MBPs.
  20. Zando Bob

    Would you care to explain how you have your tit…

    It's a random world drop I believe. Back in Year 1 it was only from the New Monarchy faction but I never pledged to them and they don't do those events anymore, so it's usually from just doing random strikes and stuff.
  21. Run Cinebench R23 on a loop for 10 minutes, it's a solid all-core load without being crazy overkill like Prime95.
  22. ^^^ Windows 10 runs DX12 whereas 7 does not, making 10 the clear winner for gaming. Current W10 runs better and is more usable than 8.1 so it wins there as well. There's no reason to use older Windows except for very niche compatibility cases or sheer nostalgia.
  23. Your computer will not boot. Your dGPU is not necessary for a POST, it's a variable that adds unnecessary complication. Remove it. If the system will POST without it, then the issue was the GPU not liking the switch from CSM to non-CSM. If it still refuses to POST, then the GPU was not the failure point, something else is the issue. Either way, if you have an iGPU, removing the dGPU should be the first step. It could also be Windows itself just not liking the switch from CSM to non-CSM. I haven't tried switching from one to the other, but you have to build a different installer USB
  24. If you don't have an F chip, yank the GPU and see if windows will boot when using the iGPU. Removing as many variables as possible always helps when troubleshooting.
  25. Hope this isn't your main rig, Windows 11 is in dev channel currently, will have a lot of stability issues. Try running DDU to uninstall the GPU drivers then shut down. Enable Secure Boot, see if Windows will use its generic VGA drivers and work, could be something with the AMD drivers not liking the swap from CSM to non-CSM. If it won't boot with the basic display drivers, try with your CPU's iGPU assuming you don't have an F chip, then install the GPU drivers once you get windows booting.