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  1. It's not a grey area in the fuckin slightest. If the game officially supports the input medium, it's not cheating.
  2. Oh if you're 3D Modeling I'd keep the laptop to begin with purely because it's an Nvidia GPU. I don't have personal experience with much outside gaming, but according to friends who do 3D modeling, game dev, mess about with AI and such, Nvidia supports stuff better across the board, AMD GPUs are jankier or just don't work with some stuff at all. As for what load its under effecting performance differences, really no way to measure that. Tests are usually done with utilities/workloads that fully stress the components because you can then compare scores at 100% vs 100%, any load below that
  3. Depends on what specific laptop you have. The performance of mobile CPUs and GPUs is incredibly dependent on what wattage allowances the OEMs configure, based off what they're able to keep at safe temps. Quickest way to figure that is probably just to loop a benchmark for a bit (so temperatures hit the max they will under load) then run Time Spy and see how your score compares to people running a 3600 and 5700 (note the first few pages are always people running bonkers OCs so probably should skip those).
  4. 8 or 9/10, no major issues (assuming those Noctuas are intake fans and the AIO isn't your only airflow) other than I don't entirely trust that PSU (not a fan of Thermaltake overall). Looks damn solid, also hello fellow full tower, optical drive, and 2060 Super enjoyer . Those have a far shorter warranty last I checked, + no cool lights and OP seems to have done an RGB build. Just report the original post under "doesn't meet subforum guidelines" and the mods will move it if they decide it needs to.
  5. Desktop will be faster overall and more consistent. If you want mobility, keep the laptop. If you want a more reliable/easier to upgrade machine, go for the desktop.
  6. Microcenter's site will say what they have in store IIRC. Aaand anyone who lives close would still beat ya there. It's a lottery game with the odds stacked against you, so I wouldn't call it worth an 8 hour drive.
  7. Short answer, no. Longer answer, uhhhh they might, but in the 4 hours it'd take to get there I'm pretty sure it'd be a no by the time you arrived.
  8. Yes, the 2 trillion dollar company that doesn't even use Twitter definitely cares about the vtuber craze and wants to jump on that marketing craze. Sending emails to the CEO will be a very effective way to make that happen. Mr Tim Cook certainly sets aside time to view mass emails from horny motherfuckers on the internet.
  9. Noice, should be a solid model then. Aorus Xtremes are usually fashion > function but they're still well built and perform solidly (they just aren't top dog for temps). Just wanted to make sure someone wasn't asking $450 for an MSI Armor series or something .
  10. I'm not up to snuff on the used market right now so I don't know for sure. I got the one I had for $500-550 or something back in 2019 I believe, given the state GPU prices are in now, $450 doesn't sound bad at all. What model is it?
  11. Far better option, the 1080 Ti was a monster when it released and still really damn solid now. Around 2070/2070 Super performance depending on game/api, so I believe that puts it up against the 3060/3060 Ti on the current series?
  12. Eh. They don't have any motivation to. Apple makes bank off their expensive hardware + selling users their cloud and media services under a subscription model. There's little reason for them to tell users they privatize their data and then turn around and sell personally identifiable data under the table. The profit wouldn't be worth obliterating their reputation. That's why they push for privacy features, not because they care any more about the end user (they're a massive corporation after all), but because that's what works for their business model and keeps people on their platform.
  13. g i b  f a s t e r e r




    (it's this)

  14. Sounds like the issue is exactly what it says on the tin error message. That file is too big for the destination file system (aka format). What is the drive you're trying to transfer to formatted as?