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    angy HEDT dumbass
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    left toes
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    I am occupied sometimes, yes


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    i7 6950X
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    EVGA X99 Micro 2
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    32GB HyperX Predator 3200Mhz DDR4
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    Nvidia Founders Edition RTX 2060 Super
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    Fractal Design Meshify C Mini
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    Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
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    Corsair RM1000i
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    LG 25" UW I forgot the model name of
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    EVGA CLC 280 + Noctua iPPC fans
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    Corsair K55
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    13" Mid-2012 MacBook Pro
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max, Midnight Green

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  1. Calling mine 4-6 years old based off the CPU, but it's technically been mine for both less than but also more than a year. I shuffle parts around a lot, the CPU and mobo I got this year (used CPU and refurbished mobo). I've had newer stuff, and if I had the budget now I'd probably go for a 10th gen Intel chip or maybe one of the Zen 3 ones, but my 6950X still runs everything playably (I'd get... more fps in Star Citizen with a new CPU, that's the only game I play that would be affected and it's still perfectly playable).
  2. Other than the TN panel uhhh... yeah there's nothing awful about that rig that I can see. And if those are good TN panels vs shitty ones, they aren't awful either.
  3. ^^^ Indeed. They just had the small thing uh... yeah, the US Presidential Election where there were a shitload of mail in ballots to handle on top of the already irregularly massive load because it's pandemic time and a lot more people order stuff in, aaaaaaand it's coming up on the holidays. And IIRC on top of all that they've had a guy made boss who removed a bunch of shit they need to do their job so that's further hurt their efficiency. Feels like a lot of really shit events piling up on top of each other and not any sort of malice or laziness on USPS's part.
  4. Have you installed AMD's chipset drivers? Usually Ryzen CPUs/mobos need those to behave properly. Assuming that's a single 8GB DIMM it'll hurt performance for your chip, but it shouldn't cause stutters like that AFAIK.
  5. Pretty much what @Lurick said. Paying themselves back for the insane amounts of R&D work they did to get to this point is not wrong. Also, they're a company, and if they can raise the price and still offer a competitive product, they will. No matter how much marketing lingo they may throw around, Lisa Su isn't your bestie and she isn't gonna slide you a sweet deal under the table. also people use CPUs for years and averaged out over those years, $50 is barely anything for anyone who could afford a CPU in that price range in the first place.
  6. They're providing a competitive product at a similar price point, I fail to see where the issue is. If you genuinely support AMD but want them to nerf themselves by undervaluing their chips then I question your support.
  7. Intel will remain in the game because they have a massive customer base still unwilling to move to Ryzen for many different reasons. There's no probably about it.
  8. I've had a 5960X for well over a year now, it ain't Ryzen . The 5950X on the other hand....
  9. Apparently Intel had some issues with it + it was for the high bandwidth servers/workstations need, not normal user PCs, so it never really caught on: "Intel gave only a qualified welcome to PCI-X, stressing that the next generation bus would have to be a "fundamentally new architecture".[5] Without Intel's support, PCI-X failed to be adopted in PCs. According to Rick Merritt of the EE Times, "A falling-out between the PCI SIG and a key Intel interconnect designer who spearheaded development on the Accelerated Graphics Port caused Intel to pull out of the initial PCI-X effort".[6]
  10. Set up MSI Afterburner's OSD to show usage for each individual core, make sure it isn't pegged to 100% on a single core and thus choking.
  11. To quote myself from 3 minutes ago: "trying to draw any sort of accurate conclusion from the dataset you have here is utterly inane. " The addition of fucking "PROBABLY" does not in any way help your point
  12. Again. This is totally dependent on what is being used to record. You'd need to record both things with the same device to then be able to compare how they look to that same device. I agree with the idea that someone should set out to actually test this, but trying to draw any sort of accurate conclusion from the dataset you have here is utterly inane.
  13. If they're using the built in capture functionality of the cards, and ReLive captures better colors/detail, this would make sense. It's well known that Shadowplay/Nvidia's NVENC recording is lower quality than CPU encoding, it being slightly behind ReLive on colors/detail wouldn't be surprising. It's used for the very low performance impact + a lot of streaming, and livestreams have such heavy compression that a higher quality recording would be useless on the viewer's end anyways.
  14. This is pretty different from sports which have clearly defined rules as to what constitutes a win. Answer bleeds more into this: Those are all down to how/with what it was recorded. That's the reason I've looked at AverMedia capture cards over the Elgatos, the AverMedias capture better colors and contrast. Even on the exact same computer. The recording looks different, the actual game played on the monitor and viewed by the person playing it looks the same every time. So if it's a difference between Shadowplay and ReLive then it's just one capturing higher quality colors and detail th
  15. You cannot draw accurate conclusions from something with that many variables, especially if the people doing the testing didn't state their methodology.