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Status Updates posted by linustouchtips

  1. this week is dragging on its only 10 am come on time go faster

  2. happy to say i got my new monitor in hopefully it will be there when i get back from work

  3. thank goodness this is a short week on the bad side i have to see my mother in law

  4. never worried for a second about buying SWBF2 no micro transactions cant wait to start missing as a stormtrooper again (i stink)

    1. Droidbot


      No microtransactions until Christmas, because EA greed never ends. 

  5. not sure if anyone is using the new firefox browser but the nots messes up my music sound volume it makes it super quiet is this a bug or something

  6. i really want a g sync monitor but they really expensive just going to go with the black friday one and be happy i guess

  7. found some bf deals from newegg not sure if anyone seen this makes me wish freesync monitors worked with nvidia : /



    1. Techstorm970


      "found some bf deals from Newegg..."


      Since when did Newegg sell boyfriends?  xDxD 

    2. dizmo


      Not bad. Some pretty good deals, though surprisingly there aren't really any PSUs on sale.

      NCIX usually has more expansive sales.

  8. so i found out what to do with the money i got back im going to get the titan Xp collectors edition jk im getting another monitor 

  9. im back online officially (at home) ready to pre load SWBF2 and sell some of my secret stuff on ebay 

  10. Day 5 without any internet still doing okay using public wifi but my gaming itch is getting worse.

    1. linustouchtips


      yea im using wifi near where i work once i go home im in the dark 

    2. Railgun


      L not sure how you missed the public wifi portion of his post lol

    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      No cellphone tethering?

  11. well my internets getting shut off (im moving) what can i do offline or irl

  12. is it weird to watch build compilations of things i want with just music and b roll footage

  13. Getting $650 back from my rent deposit what tech should i buy?

    1. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      Oculus Rift with touch controllers is only $400. Comes with around seven games.

    2. Tech_Dreamer
    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      They are more expensive, but it's preference. I heard some people had an easier time setting up the Vive but the Rift has been great and easy for me. 


      Plus I don't like the handles of the Vive. Maybe when their new version comes out I'd be tempted, but I currently prefer the Rift's touch controllers. 

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