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Status Updates posted by linustouchtips

  1. well 2080ti preordered i don't have to even wait it just came out with the 2080 good guy nvidia

    1. TheLaserCucumber


      Who are you that you have so much money?

      And can you give me some of it? :D

  2. well i guess fortnite is on samsungs why you should buy our new note 9 list 

  3. well i made it through the blizzard and tons of snow im at work why we didnt shut down know one will ever know

    1. imreloadin


      How much snow did you get?

    2. linustouchtips


      about 16 inches in like a few hours its still coming down so maybe more as the day goes on

  4. well my internets getting shut off (im moving) what can i do offline or irl

  5. well the lian li case is on its way and ive been picking up used ryzens system parts looking to do a custom water cooled build just for fun if i screw up at least it wont be my main rig hopefully everything goes according to plan  



  6. whats the game all the cool kids are playing asking for a friend

  7. when you have two ryzen based systems and you see all the intel design flaw articles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. linustouchtips


      if intel takes down x86 we all god down i cry evri time be cool if amd is exempt but who knows what a great start to the year.

    2. Lurick


      When you fail to realize the flaw could very well impact more than just Intel chips...


    3. minibois


      [Ignores in AMD, like I ignore all the bad things in my life]

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  8. when you stay up all night waiting for a reveal only to find out it aint happening till august ive been huang'd https://www.pcgamesn.com/nvidia-next-gen-gpu-hot-chips

  9. why do i always get the urge to buy new hardware when it comes out I'm actually considering selling my old ryzen system off and get the refresh is this normal

    1. germgoatz
    2. germgoatz


      like they always say, "sex sells"

    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      Why not just get the new CPU and keep the rest? That is what I am considering. Waiting for BIOs updates and see if it improves enough to warrant it.

  10. winter weather advisory 5-9 inches snow fall starting at 1pm ending 7am tomorrow nice way to end the week with a blizzard maybe snow day

  11. wow its actually snowing outside this global warming thing is really sucking the life out of my typical winters ehhh its okay

  12. you know things are bad for cryptominers when you got the suicide hotline up on your forums

    1. Max_Settings


      That’s probably going to be pretty useful with all the money they just lost because of the crash that just happened.