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Status Updates posted by linustouchtips

  1. short work week yippy

  2. should i dive back into firefox or stick with chrome 

    1. TacoSenpai


      firefox fam.  Others to check out would be Vivaldi and Brave I hear those are good as well.  Opera might be another option

    2. imreloadin
  3. should i get nier automata I'm really tempted to try it even though i don't really care for that genre?

    1. NoxiousOdor


      I really enjoy it, it is a pretty unique feeling game

    2. 2FA
    3. Techicolors


      has the craziest story i've played in some time. 


      just bear in mind there's no patches, so you have to rely on mods. but it isn't so bad https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Nier:_Automata

  4. since my government is shut down i wont be needing to pay back my student loans now i can buy some more ram

  5. slowly inching crawling my way through this day i feel like a sloth.

  6. so i bricked my msi x370 pro carbon trading it in for an asus hope everything goes nice and smoothly gotta redownload everything hahaha(crying sad laughter)

    1. LHJKO


      Why do you have to redownlad everything 

  7. so i found out what to do with the money i got back im going to get the titan Xp collectors edition jk im getting another monitor 

  8. so i stretched this morning and got a cramp in my lower leg. it hurt so I rolled over trying to get my leg unstuck fell out of my bed and hit my head on the nightstand. what a great start to the day and a great alarm system thanks leg.

  9. so i went to take a nap yesterday around 7pm was just going to be a hour long ended up sleeping till this morning 8am what happened

  10. so im concerned my electronics in my truck are starting to go crazy first my air pressure warning came on i pulled over to a gas station checked full pressure on all my tires. second the airbag sensor turned on and wont go away wth is going on am i being hacked

    1. ARikozuM


      Get an OBD scanner and see what's going on. 

    2. 3 Lions

      3 Lions

      Get  the ECU scanned. 

  11. So is anyone watching the GTC Live Stream tmrw even with all the GPP news going around?

  12. so we are discussing the idea of bringing apple pcs into our windows based network how painful is this going to be trying to adapt this stuff i feel like we need to talk to a consultant or something not the local wed dev who says it'll be ez pz 

    1. DrMacintosh


      Really depends on what you are doing on the network. Macs have the same network technologies as everyone else, they just interact with it a little different. 

  13. so what do you think stay an extra hour later and leave early tomorrow or leave normally and suffer the next day

  14. so when school are getting pre planned for closing do to temps should i keep my hopes up for no work tmrw or should i bundle up and hope my truck starts

  15. stayed up all night watching jensen fumble around the stage and no announcement of the new cards ugh im tired sad and angry

  16. thank goodness this is a short week on the bad side i have to see my mother in law

  17. the holiday debt is all clear now im back to spending on needless things for my pc perhaps some more rgb for my princess

  18. the huawei Richard Yu went ham last night but his english was so broken i couldnt understand half the things he said but i do see why att pulled out they didnt want any maoware onboard their phones

  19. the more overwatch crashes mid game the more I'm ready to uninstall. not only do i get punished for leaving the match early i was also doing super well at the time. i can't seem to figure out why it does that.

  20. the sun is bright

    1. germgoatz


      it is, its my bday and the weather could not be better

  21. this Microsoft surface pro 3 sound like it got clearance from nasa and about to go subsonic into space. why is this thing so freaking loud and hot to the touch.

    1. TVwazhere


      I read this and thought a consumer product was actually being put on a space shuttle to the ISS

  22. this week is dragging on its only 10 am come on time go faster

  23. trip to microcenter is a go my tax return is coming by the end of this week the journey may be long but i am excited to finally go to one just hope i dont die in cleveland.

    1. TacoSenpai


      Its ok as long as the tips don't touch

  24. we have no power in one of our buildings the house the mail servers so no emails. power wont be restored till 10 am or later not sure on the time but I'm playing the phone game with everyone this morning i feel like a robot telling them the same thing every call.

  25. we should get sarah mclachlan and create a commercial for all gpus being abused in mining rigs