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Status Updates posted by linustouchtips

  1. after all the time i spent trying to fix my gigabyte z97x gaming gt it turns out the f7 bios was the problem i ended up rolling it back to f5 and now everything is back to normal just a heads up to anyone still rocking it rollback

    1. TVwazhere


      I'm not even sure when the last time I updated my bios on my motherboard was LOL


  2. amazon why you send me a crappy hdd. anyone know how to fix a data cyclical error? ugh you know what its just going to be a pain anyways throwing it back in the box and returning it.

  3. amd: "we will be open and inviting."


    jensen: "the more you buy the more you save"


    i can't buy another monitor jensen so i can't save xD

    1. Silentprototipe


      I feel dirty for buying a GT 1030 instead of a Radeon xD . At least I have my laptop's Vega 8 IGPU xD

  4. and just like that i vanish into the night later mortals

    1. Silentprototipe


      Nein you stay sir xD


  5. another winter storm in march WNY is the place to be

  6. anyone jump on the fallout 76 beta yet?

    1. 2FA


      @DrMacintosh I think you're misremembering Fallout 3. While the new Fallout titles certainly aren't leading the pack in graphics, they are miles ahead of the 2008 FO3.

    2. DrMacintosh


      I know, I was joking. It still looked old af. 

    3. Cyberspirit


      From what I've seen so far it looks like a downgraded version of FO4 with multiplayer.

      It's full of glitches too to no one's surprise.

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  7. attention all linustechtips forum users linustouchtips needs your help he's stuck in status updates and hasn't upgraded his computer in months all he needs is your credit card number with security code followed by expiration date so he can start creating exciting content again.

  8. back to school ads popping up pretty much saying rip summer vaca

  9. bloody hell


    1. Windows7ge


      Why people who are bad at math shouldn't be programmers.

      Or should double-check & test the code before release anyways.

      Either or.

  10. ces is flying by and ends on the 12th but still no announcement of any scroll like phone i want to open my phone up like some ancient scroll to view my amazing twitter feed of memes

  11. checking the ebays today woa baby them prices are coming down and the auction are in full swing by the end of the month the prices will be back to normal hehe

  12. chinese bios is cool i see some english scattered in there hope i dont blow my computer up trying to go off of my memory

  13. Day 5 without any internet still doing okay using public wifi but my gaming itch is getting worse.

    1. linustouchtips


      yea im using wifi near where i work once i go home im in the dark 

    2. Railgun


      L not sure how you missed the public wifi portion of his post lol

    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      No cellphone tethering?

  14. Defenders of microsoft assemble hehe



  15. do we need a meme refugee camp for the eu

    1. Silentprototipe
    2. linustouchtips


      well have waifu pillows watch anime all night



  16. does anyone else have names like kill me, bleach, im dead for their payment options on different sites

  17. driving into work this morning i had a memory lapse after i made a turn i guess im so used to driving the same route i missed like 15 mins of my commute i just looked at the road just wondering did i make a turn i dont remember making the turn am i dead

  18. every call I've received so far goes like this "my computer locked me out can't log in" I'm just like you forgot your password didn't you okay ill reset it for you smiling.

  19. finally a live action pokemon movie starring ryan reynolds ive been waiting so long for this hope its doesnt suck to bad

  20. finally the cold is going away now its just going to be rainy and foggy for the next two weeks but hey at least its not snow.

  21. first time i ever heard my boss say you can go home early apparently i have 1.75 hrs pto left and today was the last day to use it plus we have friday off what will i do with that extra hr off hmmm

    1. linustouchtips


      maybe ill head to the local comic shop and catch up on some reading 

      Image result for tom reading magazine meme

    2. TacoSenpai
    3. handymanshandle


      eh I've probably got better

      (no I don't)

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  22. Geforce now streaming game service what year is it?

  23. Getting $650 back from my rent deposit what tech should i buy?

    1. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      Oculus Rift with touch controllers is only $400. Comes with around seven games.

    2. Tech_Dreamer
    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      They are more expensive, but it's preference. I heard some people had an easier time setting up the Vive but the Rift has been great and easy for me. 


      Plus I don't like the handles of the Vive. Maybe when their new version comes out I'd be tempted, but I currently prefer the Rift's touch controllers. 

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