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Status Updates posted by linustouchtips

  1. i heard Microsoft wants to take away our lord and savior gaben. There's a rumor flying around that Microsoft wants to start buying some of the big gaming companies like ea, valve, and the pubg peeps.


    story: https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/29/16930892/xbox-one-exclusive-games-analysis-microsoft

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    2. Silentprototipe
    3. Max_Settings


      Plus they wouldn't need to with the fees Steam charges to sell games. Plus they don't need to compensate for the major loss of money they have when they sell Xboxs.

    4. Silentprototipe


      And perhaps more crossplay? 

  2. i thought akg earbuds were supposed to be high quality the right ear crapped out and the left one is sounding watery its only been a couple of months

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    2. Den-Fi


      Yeah. If I was AKG, I would have been hesitant to put my name on something like that. Not everyone understands that they didn't make em.

    3. linustouchtips


      then i can hold nothing against them curse you Samsung sorry akg

    4. TVwazhere


      Same thing happened to me. Two pairs. theyre not worth it tbh

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    2. TVwazhere


      Also @linustouchtips there's an "Airflow edition" (front panel is mesh) coming out if you're using an Air Tower cooler like the Cryorig H7. The case as it stands is more optimized for radiators, just something to keep in mind :) 

    3. TVwazhere


      And I think @WoodenMarker gets the official case guru title, I'm still the apprentice :P

    4. Damascus


      The o11 gets a fuck yes/10

  3. anyone jump on the fallout 76 beta yet?

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    2. 2FA


      @DrMacintosh I think you're misremembering Fallout 3. While the new Fallout titles certainly aren't leading the pack in graphics, they are miles ahead of the 2008 FO3.

    3. DrMacintosh


      I know, I was joking. It still looked old af. 

    4. Cyberspirit


      From what I've seen so far it looks like a downgraded version of FO4 with multiplayer.

      It's full of glitches too to no one's surprise.

  4. Getting $650 back from my rent deposit what tech should i buy?

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    2. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      Oculus Rift with touch controllers is only $400. Comes with around seven games.

    3. Tech_Dreamer
    4. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      They are more expensive, but it's preference. I heard some people had an easier time setting up the Vive but the Rift has been great and easy for me. 


      Plus I don't like the handles of the Vive. Maybe when their new version comes out I'd be tempted, but I currently prefer the Rift's touch controllers. 

  5. when you have two ryzen based systems and you see all the intel design flaw articles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. linustouchtips


      if intel takes down x86 we all god down i cry evri time be cool if amd is exempt but who knows what a great start to the year.

    3. Lurick


      When you fail to realize the flaw could very well impact more than just Intel chips...


    4. minibois


      [Ignores in AMD, like I ignore all the bad things in my life]

  6. is driving to a microcenter worth it if its more than 200 miles away?

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    2. Dissitesuxba11s


      If the discount is worth more than the time it takes you to get there and back, then yes it is. You can also use it as an opportunity to check out the locale of wherever that Microcenter is located at.

    3. linustouchtips
    4. Dissitesuxba11s


      You can go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, if that is something that interests you.

  7. managing my dropbox i stumbled across a few short story assignments i had in high school i cringed so hard reading one of them so now i decided to make a book out of it your welcome

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    2. linustouchtips


      i feel sorry for my english teacher

    3. linustouchtips


      *cringe alert*



      My skyrim references were on point i love it but still an aweful mess of work.

    4. Hiitchy


      I was about to say... :P I actually enjoyed that little snippet

  8. who would win?

    boy with expensive af laptop playing fortnite during a lecture who bought all the reading material at the schools book store


    boy with cheap af 4 yo tablet with bluetooth keyboard and pirated books he found on some torrent site

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    2. Techstorm970


      That is legitimately a tough one...


      I'd say the Fortnite player has a higher chance of getting caught, so the 4yo tablet dude wins! :P 

    3. AresKrieger


      People still pay for those books xD, they're a racket no reason to support that nonsense Tablet man is smarter

    4. Hiitchy


      The one with a pen, paper and a promise? I don’t know hah

  9. first time i ever heard my boss say you can go home early apparently i have 1.75 hrs pto left and today was the last day to use it plus we have friday off what will i do with that extra hr off hmmm

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    2. linustouchtips


      maybe ill head to the local comic shop and catch up on some reading 

      Image result for tom reading magazine meme

    3. TacoSenpai
    4. handymanshandle


      eh I've probably got better

      (no I don't)

  10. Day 5 without any internet still doing okay using public wifi but my gaming itch is getting worse.

    1. linustouchtips


      yea im using wifi near where i work once i go home im in the dark 

    2. Railgun


      L not sure how you missed the public wifi portion of his post lol

    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      No cellphone tethering?

  11. i've been buying old computer junk on ebay for the last couple of days i might actually have a build for under 100 bucks i just got to get some of the stuff working

    1. ProjectBox153


      What do you classify as "old"?

    2. linustouchtips


      xeon x3440 lga 1156 mobo for parts only gtx 780

    3. ProjectBox153


      Ha, I'd hardly consider that old. I still use Core 2 Duos all the time.

  12. should i get nier automata I'm really tempted to try it even though i don't really care for that genre?

    1. NoxiousOdor


      I really enjoy it, it is a pretty unique feeling game

    2. 2FA
    3. Techicolors


      has the craziest story i've played in some time. 


      just bear in mind there's no patches, so you have to rely on mods. but it isn't so bad https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Nier:_Automata

  13. why do i always get the urge to buy new hardware when it comes out I'm actually considering selling my old ryzen system off and get the refresh is this normal

    1. germgoatz
    2. germgoatz


      like they always say, "sex sells"

    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      Why not just get the new CPU and keep the rest? That is what I am considering. Waiting for BIOs updates and see if it improves enough to warrant it.

  14. yea lian li case is here time to start building!! oh wait i still need to buy custom loop supplies that's another $400 dollars sigh 

    ehh im just going to do a dry run build until i get all the supplies 


    1. Technomancer__


      make a post on build logs

    2. linustouchtips


      of my dry run aint nothing exciting or are you talking about the water cooling cause thats going to take awhile xD

    3. TVwazhere


      Always dry run all your parts to make sure they work before you strap watercooling gear to them ;) 

  15. ive been lurking around and just wanted to say hi

  16. oh no i have a bill due on 9/11

    1. TacoSenpai


      In the Matrix Neo's passport also expired on 9/11/2001 these are the end times

    2. linustouchtips


      what happens if my payment is hijacked who do i contact

    3. TacoSenpai
  17. on a scale of oof to yeet how are we doing today

    1. LukeSavenije


      I'm going for the yeeting oof

    2. Imbellis


      OOF - two exams - in 24 hours. (#When you didn't study enough but still passed)

      Besides that, I was able to track down one of my packages that I thought may have been stolen (That was signed for by somebody who doesn't live in my town), so that was good.


      Anything gud on your end? Got any good memes?

    3. BLLDoesTech


      pretty yeetastic







      dang that was cringy

  18. found some bf deals from newegg not sure if anyone seen this makes me wish freesync monitors worked with nvidia : /



    1. Techstorm970


      "found some bf deals from Newegg..."


      Since when did Newegg sell boyfriends?  xDxD 

    2. dizmo


      Not bad. Some pretty good deals, though surprisingly there aren't really any PSUs on sale.

      NCIX usually has more expansive sales.

  19. my desk is starting to warp in the middle where my monitors are how do i stop this omg

    1. Theguywhobea


      Screw pieces of wood to the bottom of your desk to reinforce it.

    2. linustouchtips


      i bet you as soon as i starting screwing something into that ikea desk its going to fall apart or something but ill give it a go.

  20. well i made it through the blizzard and tons of snow im at work why we didnt shut down know one will ever know

    1. imreloadin


      How much snow did you get?

    2. linustouchtips


      about 16 inches in like a few hours its still coming down so maybe more as the day goes on

  21. let the hate flow threw you so much negativity on here i know i contributed but lighten up everyone

    1. dizmo


      Haha, did you wander into the Audio forum? :ph34r:

    2. TVwazhere


      Felling this right now

  22. hmm today's my birthday idk what the heck a person my age does that's special. everyone keeps asking if i have any plans but i have no idea what im doing later today. my plans are to go home watch dank meme compilations and fall asleep sounds good right.

    1. Silentprototipe


      I guess treat yourself to a new game or some shit idk lol. I got an HDD for my birthday personally but I kinda had to get one anyways xD 

    2. NoxiousOdor
  23. so i stretched this morning and got a cramp in my lower leg. it hurt so I rolled over trying to get my leg unstuck fell out of my bed and hit my head on the nightstand. what a great start to the day and a great alarm system thanks leg.

  24. so im concerned my electronics in my truck are starting to go crazy first my air pressure warning came on i pulled over to a gas station checked full pressure on all my tires. second the airbag sensor turned on and wont go away wth is going on am i being hacked

    1. ARikozuM


      Get an OBD scanner and see what's going on. 

    2. 3 Lions

      3 Lions

      Get  the ECU scanned.