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Everything posted by linustouchtips

  1. do we need a meme refugee camp for the eu

    1. Silentprototipe
    2. linustouchtips


      well have waifu pillows watch anime all night



  2. on a scale of oof to yeet how are we doing today

    1. LukeSavenije


      I'm going for the yeeting oof

    2. Imbellis


      OOF - two exams - in 24 hours. (#When you didn't study enough but still passed)

      Besides that, I was able to track down one of my packages that I thought may have been stolen (That was signed for by somebody who doesn't live in my town), so that was good.


      Anything gud on your end? Got any good memes?

    3. BLLDoesTech


      pretty yeetastic







      dang that was cringy

  3. the holiday debt is all clear now im back to spending on needless things for my pc perhaps some more rgb for my princess

  4. out of all the anime profile pics I've seen on here i have the best one

    1. TacoSenpai


      lisa su is too op


      but no one compares to speedwagon

  5. newegg support is super bad omg no email only chat and the queue is super long is it better to call?

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    2. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      With any support it is always better to call if possible.

  6. never have a bowl of chili before you go to bed

  7. if i wasn't broke already i'd be all up in those deals

  8. winter weather advisory 5-9 inches snow fall starting at 1pm ending 7am tomorrow nice way to end the week with a blizzard maybe snow day

  9. need a new wallpaper any ideas?

    1. imreloadin


      What is your current wallpaper?

  10. anyone jump on the fallout 76 beta yet?

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    2. 2FA


      @DrMacintosh I think you're misremembering Fallout 3. While the new Fallout titles certainly aren't leading the pack in graphics, they are miles ahead of the 2008 FO3.

    3. DrMacintosh


      I know, I was joking. It still looked old af. 

    4. Cyberspirit


      From what I've seen so far it looks like a downgraded version of FO4 with multiplayer.

      It's full of glitches too to no one's surprise.

  11. only thing i hated was the color locked regions i had two choices in the US black and orchid grey i was ready to move to canada for deep sea blue
  12. attention all linustechtips forum users linustouchtips needs your help he's stuck in status updates and hasn't upgraded his computer in months all he needs is your credit card number with security code followed by expiration date so he can start creating exciting content again.

  13. whats the game all the cool kids are playing asking for a friend

  14. should i dive back into firefox or stick with chrome 

    1. TacoSenpai


      firefox fam.  Others to check out would be Vivaldi and Brave I hear those are good as well.  Opera might be another option

    2. imreloadin
  15. i'd personally stay away from this deal if i were you