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  1. How to install whatsapp in laptop/notebook. My notebook is on very low end so emulators is not working. I dont have a cellphone in order to use whatsapp on web what can I do ?
  2. Atom x5-Z8300/2GB/32GB/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics can I run any android emulator in this device so that i can use whatsapp
  3. I need to make a promo video for a culture festive what are the free software that i can use as a starter what are simple ideas that i can get where can i find small clips that are put in the videos and sound clips also ?
  4. system crash power led not working hdd led constantly lit. fans spinning no display black screen no POST. RAM tested no beeps, CMOS reseted no luck either what can i do ?
  5. not working the same error was there but after some unplugging and plugging i was able to get it start but now its not working
  6. yesterday i worked with my pc it was doing well and today morning i try to insert an extra fan (4 pin fan in 3pin port) but after that system is not booting motherboard is powering on fans are spinning but no lights in front panel no processor light inside and no display what to do?
  7. does enabling turbo boost affect my system badly ? i'm running an i7-950
  8. PrithviRV

    game plz

    i7 950, 500mb sata HDD, intel dx58so motherboard,4gb ram, amd 5450 2gb plzz suggest some game and where can i get them?
  9. ok is there any other games that i can try ?
  10. is there any games that i can play on this system ?
  11. A creed black flag ? 8-9 years am playing violin
  12. I got a PC with i7 950, 500mb sata HDD, intel dx58so motherboard,4gb ram, amd radeon 2gb graphic card. Which are the games that i can play on this (I dont have any scope for overclock) can i play assassins creed
  13. Hai guys I am having a i7-950 and its on a DX50SO I heard both these are good for overclocking I don't have any stuff like liquid cooler or stuffs like that. I am having a stock CPU heat sink and some cooler master fans in my cooler master elite310. Is it possible for me to overclock ? upto what level i can overclock ?
  14. but there is HDD bay in front can i add fan there !