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  1. Had an idea of using a raspberry pi to control both case fans pwm and rgb. Let the raspberry pi be independent from the pc.
  2. I don't mind a POE device. Do you have any products to point to?
  3. I've tried using a powerlink adapter, but since my house is really old, I guess the power lines aren't great thus giving me really slow connection
  4. I am looking for a device that will act like a antenna that will receive wifi signals and output to a ethernet cable. The device to my PC will be 5 meters apart (16ft) connected using CAT 6 cables. I know CAT 6 cable from my wifi router to my PC is the best solution but it isn't feasible. And I hope that the device can be powered by ethernet (POE) as it wouldn't have access to a nearby power outlet.
  5. I have a Asus zenscreen MB16AC from my laptop setup. I'm planning to build a pc, with the ryzen 7 3700x and rtx 2080. Can my zenscreen run on my planned build? As what I had searched, the monitor doesn't work on the gpu but on the motherboard USB c connector.
  6. Teribbly sorry it's 1607. The anniversary update . I am now currently not with my laptop.... so yeah.
  7. Version is 1603, not creators.
  8. Thanks for the reply! However doing update now doesn't do anything, saying it's up to date already. I'm sure that my version isn't creators version yet.
  9. To add on, I'm using windows 10. Is the creators update released? For some reasons im not receiving it
  10. Hi there, I'm currently using a dell xps 15 9560. Sometimes I would use 1080p to some applications not scaling properly. Like autoCAD 2016 student ( my school don't use 2017). However the change to a non native resolution results in blur which Is way worst than normal 1080p monitors. The blur doesn't happen when playing on games in 1080p on the gtx1050. Even when playing games on 1080 on the integrated graphics, there are no significant blur. Only when going round windows or browsing will result in 1080 blur. 1080 should show perfectly on a 4k native screen as 4k have 4 times more pixels than
  11. I am planning to use Intel extreme tuning utility ( like how in the video). But what i am worried is whether will undervolting void warranty. I am not planning to overclock my cpu in the moment.
  12. I have the idea of undervolting when i saw this video . from 1:00 dave lee explains how he undervolted. From what i know he used the dell xps 15. Same specs as me, same cpu