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  1. That's a very interesting solution, I'm looking a bit into it as that could be something to try in a few months. Did do have any issues or did you move just for having your own DB?
  2. Thanks, i have no experience with it on android, haven't looked at what exactly the paid version gives compared to the free one, i just have the free trial so i consider that even if i need the paid version i would be fine with the price.
  3. I forgot i asked this here, it hasn't appeared again, in the past it would come out every few days, maybe changing the microsoft password fixed it? Very srange.
  4. I decided to get a new password manager and lastpass looks interesting. Any user on this forum currently using it that could give me their opinion on it? The yearly membership looks cheap so I'm wondering if i show actually get it after the trial. Something to consider for me is that I'm an ios user with windows pc so i need something that's available everywhere. Any particular issue you have with it?
  5. I tried to solve this a few times and i thought i did solve it last time but now it appeared again. Looking online i tried most solutions, i'm wondering if there is something else that i might try before going for the clean reinstall of windows (and i doubt i will do that until the winter holidays as i need it daily now). Let me know if you have any idea on how to fix it that i have not tried yet.
  6. A large number of picture are digitized from film and are very heavy (i have pictures from the 1800s of my family members). Since i did all that years ago i keep the raw files and then edited copies. Because i traveled at least 2 weeks per year since 6 there are at least 30k pictures (1k per year for average and you can probably add double for before 6). I expect that most would just keep the edit and not the raw files, if you do that you can reduce it to maybe less than 1 TB. But as i said i don't really need to have these accessible at all times, current solution
  7. Right now i would be fine with 20-25 TB for the short term (3 years), i have around 10TB of photos in 1TB HD that i don't use often enough to have on my pc, but it would be nice to have them there (sometimes i need to go through 3 HD to find the right photo). I have a 5 TB USB drive that i use as a place to move files i don't need now, like a TV shows that no one plans on watching for the next 6 months for example. In theory i already have around 18 TB of full storage but i obviously don't need all that capacity or i would have upgraded already (this is in the it would be nice
  8. Interesting so from your perspective 4TB is already large... I was thinking of getting 60 to 80 TB when i fully upgrade my pc so that i can be sure i don't need to care for storage for the next 10 years. So in your opinion i should just get another the same size? I don't see a point in getting a second pc for it as i don't have a lot of issue with what you are saying. I can just ask to stop using it and do whatever i need, as we already sync files to the devices instead of streaming most of the times.
  9. Hi everyone, i'm going to need to get a second HD soon as i have 100 gb free atm. What i'm not sure if i should look for something similar or get something a lot larger and just replace the hd. My idea in the medium future is to split my pc with virtualization and have a portion always on as a plex server (when there is a serious upgrade for me as i don't think anything that came out in the last few years is). Should i start looking at 10+TB sizes or get another 4 TB? Main use of these drive is 80% video.
  10. Hi everyone, i'm looking for an headphone with an integrated mic, at what i consider a middle budget 200-500 usd. Cheaper would be fine if it has a good build quality. I don't need it to have a high quality mic (singing, studio) but something with good quality for voip. It should not be wireless, unless it has 4 weeks battery life (and i doubt one exist), metal chassis would be better that plastic and sturdy enough i can drop it and won't break with a long cable (more than 1 meter). USB A or normal audio jack, not apple or usb C unless it comes with an adapter.
  11. That look nice, if it was mechanical i would buy it directly. Does the fingerprint reader work well (where is it?)? Does it fail sometimes? I might check if some store around me has it so i can borrow it for a few days to try it, hopefully there is a swiss layout (ü/ö keys). Edit: its actually 100 chf in switzerland (100 USD)
  12. Interesting, is there maybe something either wireless or with a cable that can be attached to a keyboard, that looks interesting but would be useless for a desktop. I wish that some company would make a keyboard with this feature so that it becomes mainstream in the desktop marketplace, touch id is an amazing feature on ios.
  13. I'm sorry, maybe i wasnt't clear in OP but I'm talking about a normal keyboard not a laptop, also if this doesn't exist is there a reason why?
  14. I'm wondering if there is a keyboard that has a fingerprint sensor similar to what phones use, with the ability to use it as a log in option for windows 10 and as a security measure for windows instead of using a password to access admin features.
  15. Thanks everyone i ended up getting the air mostly because i found it at the equivalent of 100 dollars discount while the normal ipad was not on sale.