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  1. Upgrading a friends laptop from a Vista era laptop to a older but more reliable dell latitude e5440 through Windows on the dell machine and took out the hard drives on both machines and transferred pictures and stuff over via HDD dock (probably my first mistake, don't worry though all the data is still there and I copied it over to my own pc and the data is still readable so no data recovery). Anyways threw the HDD into the dell laptop started it up, powered it on, BSOD, rebooted it, no post no image. Tried unplugging the battery discharging from there and reboot (know it doesn't work for much
  2. It started pinging but would not join the domain. Even After I turned off the firewall all together just to test. Says network path not found when attempting to join. Honestly I have a ESXi host with 2 TB SSD Raid 0 and 128 GB RAM and 2 8 core xeons and just trying to justify them and this server is weird with just installing Win Serv 16 bare where it won't detect the drive so I guess I'm just trying to find an excuse to utilize the virtualization.
  3. If you like minecraft I found installing MineOS which can be installed over Linux was a fun little adventure
  4. So spun up a couple of Windows 2016 Server instances on one of my ESXi host and ran into an issue... My DNS server won't connect to my AD. Thought it was weird because they are both on the same 10.x.x.x /8 network. So I can in fact ping my AD server from my DNS server but not the other way around. The kicker here... my DNS server's name is JohnCena like it can't be seen! XD Anyways I'm getting too much of a kick out of this to think straight. Any ideas?
  5. Ya ended up scrapping freenas and running both file storage and plex off a ubuntu instance in esxi. Works like a charm :)
  6. FreeNAS-11.1-U5 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz 48 GB ECC DDR3 Cisco UCS c210 m2 So I started up my server rack again now that I have more time and the setup went fine and I can transfer files in and out of FreeNAS without issue. The issue is that when I went to put the Plex plugin in the plugin tab of FreeNAS it wouldn't show anything there. https://www.ixsystems.com/documentation/freenas/9.3/freenas_plugins.html I looked there and it said that the server had to have an internet connection and I confirmed it could ping and set name servers
  7. Did you take the drive out? Sometimes I've seen a lot where the SATA is vacant even on new laptops and it has a M.2 in it somewhere. Can you find that?
  8. If it only happens when launching games and other intense task I'm thinking power supply. If it just shuts down a couple seconds of boot I would think cooling of your CPU, most likely thermal paste.
  9. When I booted up FreeNAS it came up as "The web interface could not be accessed. Please check network configuration."I tried to set it up manually and got it to at least show the IP I was wanting but couldn't ping the server and it wouldn't show up on my router as a device. I checked using multiple cables and multiple ethernet ports with no avail, they did show greens on link lights. As always any advice is greatly appreciated. I attached the ifconfig as a image
  10. I resolved the issue through ghetto-fabulous means XD! I ended up taking my pc monitor with multiple USBs out of my pc and dragging it over to my server and with a few adapters and extensions got it booted. Thanks
  11. It is rackmount server lol Cisco UCS C210 M2. Doesn't have any front just two little ones in the back. I even opened it up cause they sometimes have a port just chilling on the mobo itself.
  12. I thought of that and checked the back of my server and it only had 2 USB slots (one for mouse/keyboard, one for install media) been looking around for a hub for a while now ?
  13. I am getting back into my home lab after not using it for a couple months. Anyways on boot of FreeNAS it asks which disk to install it to and it will show a virtual FDD and the RAID I set up to be the storage for FreeNAS but I was under the impression that you were supposed to install it on the USB that you installed the iso on in the first place, which is not showing up on that menu. As always any advice for what I am sure is a ID10t error is greatly appreciated.
  14. cisco ucs c210 m2 48 GB DDR3 ECC 2x E5820 8x SAS drives in RAID Don't think it has anything but USB 2.0